Friday Catblogging: Peek-A-Boo PD

Many people have asked how Paul Drake is doing, so here’s an update. In addition to searching for his missing big sister, he’s been somewhat depressed and withdrawn. Last Monday, Dr. A and I were angry at our vet’s support staff and he picked up on it. Empathy thy name is PD.

He was so upset that he sought comfort in his litter box. Cats find the scent of their own urine comforting when they’re stressed. Go figure. We’ve tried harder to mask our feelings since then and he’s bouncing back. We’re spending as much time as possible with him and it’s starting to help. Poor dear.

He’s also sought comfort in boxes. Anyone surprised?

The last word goes to Robert Cray:

6 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Peek-A-Boo PD

  1. He needs a new little Della to love.

  2. judyb54 says:

    Y’all are the best cat parents.

  3. Tommy T says:

    “Cats find the scent of their own urine comforting when they’re stressed.”

    I always suspected that Howard Hughes was part feline….

  4. Cheryl says:

    I am a daily lurker, have been sad about Della and a little worried for PD, so thank you for posting an encouragement update. Agree with silverapplequeen and judy 54 ❤

  5. MichaelF says:

    Have been wondering/a little worried about Paul D as well, so thanks for the update.

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