Non-Debate Moscow Mitch Thread


The debate — yawn — skipped it for the most part. Like Adrastos, I think life is too short, it’s too early in the cycle. At this point debates are cheap content for cable news. Fill between ads hawking garbage.

Besides, if/when it comes to it, I’ll vote for ANY Democrat over the lying sack of shit that’s DJT. Any of them. Even a minor/lower tier candidate.

I’d even for for an actual sack of shit — lesser of evils — because a sack of shit lying on the ground is preferable to the lying sack of shit occupying the Oval Office.

So, in place of any debate reaction, I saw Moscow Mitch is all butthurt about being called Moscow Mitch.

Well, if that’s the case, let’s hope it catches on (and if we can do anything to help)…

Moscow Mitch…Turtleneck? Turtlenik

And because I did end up catching some debate news and comments, let’s applaud Julian Castro (hahaha, “America needs Castro!”) for working it into last night’s three-hours-of-content. Good for him.