Tweet Of The Day: Trumper Thuggery Edition

One red hat in particular was seeing red in Cincinnati yesterday, which is the home of the red-hatted baseball Reds:

How much courage does it take for a 29 year-old to attack a 61-year-old-prostestor? Nary a scinitilla in Cincy.

This incident shows how dangerous it is for the president* to conflate attacks on him with attacks on the country. His rallies consist of non-stop incitement speech. It needs to stop but we all know it will not. That’s why incidents like this are not incidental and must be called out.

The idiot who jumped out of the truck is named Dallas Frazier. I guess he confuses himself with former heavyweight champion Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Probably not: Joe was black and most Trumpers are as racist as the day is long. Besides, Joe was a genuine bad ass whereas Dallas Frazier is a coward who picks on men twice his age.

I’m glad the cops arrested him immediately. It’s a pity that the Trumpers in the crowd did not chant; LOCK HIM UP. It works in this case.

Repeat after me: Dallas Frazier is a pussy. He should grab himself.

2 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: Trumper Thuggery Edition

  1. In a stunning example “bothsiderism” half of the WaPo article was dedicated to an arrest at a Warren event where the arrestee attempted unsuccessfully to grab a Trumpist’s cell phone, then refused to leave the venue. *Slow clap*

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