“Trump Has Dragged Us Into The Gutter”


Charles Blow

We are forced to look on in horror as the power of the federal government is deployed in the service of racism: the Muslim ban, the family separation policy, children in cages, trying to build a wall, efforts to restrict even legal immigration and talk of invasions and infestations.

It is still unfathomable to me that the federal government took children away from their parents without a system for reunification, that some of those children may never see their parents again.

Even if this were only one child it would be outrageous and egregious. Unfortunately, it is more than one.

I stay stuck on this point. There is a new outrage every day, but I try to remember children. If I were one of them, away in a strange place, all alone, surrounded by strangers, and my mother or father or both were taken away, how could I possibly cope? If I were the father of a child taken away from me to who knows where, and I had no idea if I would see my child again, how could I continue to function?

Meanwhile, Trump, no lie, insists his “rhetoric brings people together.” If he really believes that, he’s bugfuck nuts.

Also, too. Biden isn’t my first, second, or third choice to be the Democratic nominee, but there’s no arguing with this. And if he does get the nod, he’ll get my vote.

2 thoughts on ““Trump Has Dragged Us Into The Gutter”

  1. Love Joe as VP. He wasn’t my first choice either, but after his speech in Iowa, I would be proud to vote for him as my new first choice. We MUST win.

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