Album Cover Art Wednesday: Denny McLain

I went down a YouTube rabbit hole and watched a pretty good documentary about Denny McLain. McLain was the last pitcher to win 30 games and won 2 Cy Young Awards. He was also a egenerate gambler and wannabe bookie. His pitching career flamed out by the age of 28. He also played a mean organ:

If you’re feeling like a lounge lizard, here’s the whole damn album:

3 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Denny McLain

  1. After his 30-win season, the Tigers traded him to the Washington Senators, which team he destroyed. Or maybe they were already crap, but McClain never pitched a decent game while in DC.

    1. They were already crap. But he lost 22 games in his debut season there. From the penthouse to the outhouse.

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