Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati -mental health day edition

OK, people – making good on my promise to take a week off.

It’s a running gag that I don an ISO suit before I plunge into Freeperville, but in truth, there is no ISO suit and no protection. I have to read hundreds and hundreds of posts to choose what to post here, and there’s no insulation from the stupidity, the hatred, the vicious brain-dead rantings of the Freeperati.

Then, after I’ve read the dozens of threads and hundreds upon hundreds of odious posts, I have to go back through them again to pick the stinkers I’m going to quote, and place them in some kind of order in my post.  Like reading that shit once isn’t enough.  Sometimes I put my Monday post together early Friday morning, and sometimes I put it off until the last minute because I just can’t deal with the world-class stupidity. Then I go and beat the dog, .and finish off by downing a bottle of bleach.

If evil had a smell, the evil I rub up against in Free Republic on a weekly basis would lead my home to be declared a hazardous waste site, condemned, torn down, and salt poured over the land on which it once stood.

So – no post this week – and we’ll see how I’m feeling by next weekend.

One thought on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati -mental health day edition

  1. …and a great big ‘thank you!’ for your efforts, harpooning the stinkiest turds in the FR cesspool.

    Yeah, nasty stuff, but it’s important that the atrocities be documented.

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