Smart Phone, Dumb President


Maybe the only thing more shocking than this — which, if it was a Democrat, or, god forbid, a Clinton, would have caused Cokie Roberts to grimly emerge from the grave to voice serious concerns while official Washington went on full impeachment watch — is that it’s been bumped from the headlines by Justin Trudeau.

Mon Dieu.

Will it also get lost in the Fog of Trump? It’s starting to look that way.

So…not only is this horror show of an administration getting embarrassingly normalized…it’s making the clusterfuck that was the second Bush presidency look like some latter day Era of Good Feelings, and not the colossal twin failure of domestic and foreign policy it was.

It’s difficult to not get the feeling that…we’re fucked.

2 thoughts on “Smart Phone, Dumb President

  1. I am beyond saddened that Trudeau is not stepping down. In a normal Canada, he’d be gone. The GOP cancer has spread.Canada is not a safe nation to flee to anymore. We’re fucked.

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