Sunday Catblogging: Courting Ada Edition

Ada had a visitor yesterday:

This orange fellow is Remy. He lives next door to us and prowls the neighborhood during the day, then in the evening reappears to yowl incredibly loudly until his people let him in to eat.

Because we live in Mayberry, well-meaning neighbors often post pictures of him on Facebook and declare that he is lost and they’ve taken him in to feed him, and then when somebody says he’s an outdoor cat, it’s 567 posts about how terrible it is for cats to be outside. If the half a bird I saw him dragging into the yard the other day is any indication of his skills, Remy can more than hold his own with what passes for wildlife around here.

He’s friendly as hell. He follows Kick around begging for pets whenever she’s outside, and Ada desperately wants to go on outdoor adventures with him and thinks it is the height of injustice that she isn’t allowed. Remy is street-smart and Ada could lose a battle of wits with a dust bunny so for now they are star-crossed lovers Romeo-and-Julietting through the back door.