Whither Deep State Throat?

Until my memory was refreshed by a piece in the WaPo by Democratic Congressman Gregory Meeks, I had almost forgotten about Deep State Throat. That was the nickname I gave the person who wrote the anonymous NYT op-ed piece: I Am Part of the Resistance.

The piece was published September 5, 2018. It has not aged well. If anything, the Insult Comedian is twice as unhinged as he was a year ago. I am fast losing patience with Republicans who are willing to grumble off but not on the record. Surely Rex Tillerson isn’t afraid of a mean tweet from his former boss and he doesn’t have the military/salute the flag excuse of McMaster and Mattis. It’s time for all of them to speak out. Loud and clear.

The so-called internal resistance has failed. The latest impeachable offense proves that. Since my prime Deep State Throat suspects were former DNI Dan Coates and/or his deputy Sue Gordon, it’s time for them to speak out. John Bolton and his mustache of war too. Loud and clear.

The Ukraine scam distills everything that is wrong about Trump’s national security policy. It’s really an international protection racket: he shook down a weak foreign leader and tried to make Ukraine take the fall for 2016. He even tried to get Kiev to exonerate Paul Fucking Manafort, the man who gave their former president corruption lessons.

It’s time for Kurt Volker who resigned as a special envoy to Kiev to speak out. Loud and clear. He’s the head of the McCain Institute, it’s time for him to act like McCain, not Lindsey Graham. McCain would speak out. Loud and clear.

In other cowardly Republican news, Jeff Flake also has an op-ed in the WaPo. It should be titled Do As I Say, Not As I Do. He urges GOPers to break with their lord and master when all he was willing to do was make fine speeches while voting with the administration time and time again. If Republicans turn on Trump, it won’t be to save their souls, but their asses.

Jeff Flake is a pussy. He should grab himself.

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