At Your Expense

Everybody had a good time clowning on this, and on this asshole, who says things like this: 

We successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket, which is the most powerful rocket in the world by a factor of two. So that’s twice the power, twice the thrust of the next biggest rocket. And we actually launched a Tesla — my Tesla Roadster — to Mars orbit. The reason we did that is actually because, normally, when a new rocket is launched, you just put a dummy payload, which is like a block of concrete or something.

Right. Not creative in any way.

Super-boring. So we were like, okay, what is the least boring thing we can launch?

And really the problem isn’t whether Tesla is a shitty automobile or not, the problem is that civic leaders give people like Musk their time and money when, like, those are both needed elsewhere.

I take a train into the job every morning. I pick it up at a station where the staircase is crumbling and there is no elevator (so good luck if you’re using a wheelchair). There’s a small, way-too-narrow escalator that is broken and has a sign on it that says it will be broken until APRIL.

Hundreds of people use this station each day to get to work or school or friends’ houses or whatever.  It’s very much too small for the volume of folks trying to get through it, it smells weird, and again, good luck if you have any limitations on your mobility at all.

Could we maybe throw a few billion at fixing that before we dig another goddamn tunnel through the city for rich people to get to the airport? 

Look, Elon can do whatever he wants with his money, as can every other rich asshole on the planet, but we are not obligated to indulge it when we should be fixing the escalators, making the staircases wider and easier to climb, figuring out where the smell is coming from, you know, boring public improvement shit.

I know that doesn’t sound as visionary and sexy as launching, like, a car into space or yelling CYBERTRUCK a lot, but imagine if that was the thrust of our major efforts and not indulging a man-baby in his weird dreams.


2 thoughts on “At Your Expense

  1. The shape of the truck means speed cameras can`t *see* it so you won`t get a speeding ticket .

  2. Here in Buffalo we have a Tesla factory called Riverbend & it employs hundreds of people. But every since it opened … even before it opened, while it was under construction … there was nothing but trouble. Well, maybe not. The Buffalo News & WIVB-TV went out of their way to “report” problems at the plant … “investigative reporting”, ya know. I’ve lived here most of my life & I can tell you that most of the so-called investigative reporting that WIVB-TV does is no more than BS wrapped up in fancy talk. In fact, yesterday when I was watching the Bills-Dolphins game, I noticed ANOTHER story about Riverbend … “coming up this week” … featuring “anonymous former workers” .. really? Why don’t they say who they are? I stopped caring about anyone who’s “anonymous” … say who the hell you are already.

    As for elevators that don’t work!!!! Here in Buffalo, our (one & only one) subway have elevators that NEVER work & escalators that almost never work … we all laugh & say it’s “job security” for the guys who are always working on these things. But it makes life hard on people who need these things. But I’ve said it many times before … the NFTA’s (Niagara Frontier Transit Authority) mission statement should be “F you, buy a car” … that’s how they treat us people who use their busses & subway. We just don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

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