Don’t Stand So Close To Me

I usually try to avoid the obvious but this song is inescapable. It also has a beat and one can dance to it: in isolation, wearing gloves and a mask.

Don’t Stand So Close To Me was the Police song that really hooked me. What’s not to love about a line about Nabokov? Not a damn thing.

We have multiple versions of this Eighties pop-rock classic for your listening pleasure. Let’s get down to it:

Here’s a live version from one of Sting’s early solo tours with Branford Marsalis on sax. As usual, Sting takes off his shirt.

Another song from Zenyatta Mondatta is relevant to the 21st Century plague. The MSM is fond of calling Seattle the canary in the coal mine:

Finally, there’s already a parody of Don’t Stand So Close To Me by Crypto Karaoke. Anyone surprised? I was not: people have time on their hands.

One thought on “Don’t Stand So Close To Me

  1. The Police could do no wrong from 1980-83. This was certainly one of their best, and like you, it was the song that made me a major fan. And Sting was the subject of a few of my fantasies too! Finally, Crypto Karaoke does a pretty good parody.

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