Gore Vidal liked to call our country The United States of Amnesia. The Master was referring to our national penchant to forget unpleasant things.

I have something more specific in mind: many people are acting as if the pandemic is over or was “fake news” to begin with. I’m still hunkering, but I keep seeing reports of clueless selfishness. I hope people will remove their unmasked heads from the sand before the second wave kicks our asses.

A reminder:  115,291 Americans have died as of this writing. This is some serious shit, y’all.

On to the music, we’ll move from literal amnesia to the figurative, even reckless, kind.

We begin with some fabulous blues rock from Austin Texas:

Next up, a tune from my old friends The Tubes. I must admit I forgot this one. Hopefully, it’s not because I’m a WPOD.

Ringo Starr gets in on the action with this 2003 song:

If 20% Amnesia is all you have, you’re doing pretty darn well during these confusing and confounding times:

Finally, a song from Richard Thompson’s Amnesia album. It aptly describes the maskless masses: