Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Unmasked Marauder edition

Welp – this “cancel culture” thing has gotten completely out of hand.

Now, the masked  unmasked marauder has decided to cancel anyone who won’t serve him because he could possibly (and probably, given his refusal to wear a mask) blow his COVID cooties all over the BBQ joint.

Told to wear a mask at Kansas City area BBQ restaurant, man in MAGA hat flashes a gun

Arlo Kinsey was working behind the carryout counter at RJ’s Bob-Be-Que Shack in Mission last week when a middle-aged man dressed in a red Make America Great Again hat — and no mask — walked through the door.

“I asked him if he could wear a mask, since it’s what Gov. Kelly told us to do,” said Kinsey, 18, who was working shifts at the barbecue joint this summer before heading off to college. He had dealt with a handful of customers who refused to wear masks inside the restaurant despite the statewide mandate — but none like this, he said.

The man said he had an exemption to the mask order: He then lifted up his shirt, revealing a gun in a holster on his hip.

1 posted on 7/13/2020, 10:09:44 PM by yesthatjallen

(here’s an unsolicited dick pic of the asshole brandishing his manhood – the tan patch on his left side is the inside of his jacket where he’s pulling it back)


Freepers? How say ye?

To: yesthatjallen


I’m not fan of wearing masks, but their business, their rules. If you don’t want to follow a businesses rules, then don’t patronize it. But don’t be an ass.

2 posted on 7/13/2020, 10:13:42 PM by bigdaddy45

No, you dickless wonder – being an ass is unscrewing the top of the saltshaker, or refusing to leave a tip.
Brandishing a handgun to someone inside their business is a felony.
To: yesthatjallen


This is not a good story… if it is actually true.

3 posted on 7/13/2020, 10:15:09 PM by Sicon (“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – G. Orwell)

…says the nitwit too lazy to click on the link to watch the security cam footage…

To: yesthatjallen
jesus. someone lock that guy in a closet until mid-November.

4 posted on 7/13/2020, 10:18:01 PM by JohnBrowdie

Oh, if they catch the moron, he’s liable to be in the closet until well after November. Nice to see you acknowledge that he’s a Trump-humper, though. Polls making you a little nervous?
Also, felons can’t vote.
To: yesthatjallen


sounds like a “false flag” by to me…

5 posted on 7/13/2020, 10:20:39 PM by samkatz

Bite to me.
To: yesthatjallen

You know folks, we’re the front lines of Conservatism, andall eyes are on us.

Nope – just mine.

One dumb ass like this can cause negative ripples across
a wide body of the public.

Please don’t wear a MAGA and go all postal on folks. Good
grief. Do we need to tell folks that? Really?

7 posted on 7/13/2020, 10:21:35 PM by DoughtyOne (Some of the folks around these parts have been sniffing super flu.)

Looks like you do, sonny.  Looks like you do.
To: yesthatjallen


What he did was a felony. If true.

8 posted on 7/13/2020, 10:22:04 PM by JusPasenThru (If Biden wins he will kill Republicans.)

And yet another one too lazy (or afraid) to click on the link and watch the security cam footage….

To: yesthatjallen

Showings(sic) the gun was probably not a great idea.


Just turn around and walk out.

Makes Trump supporters look like dangerous jerks.

9 posted on 7/13/2020, 10:22:06 PM by proud American in Canada (But Gollum and the evil warlock crept up and wslipped away with her …)

It’s not a bug – it’s a feature.

Is the part not mentioned in the story that it was a BLM hat and the perp was black ?

48 posted on 7/14/2020, 12:47:12 AM by elbook

Let’s take a closer look :
Yep.   Definitely black.
One eighth.
On his mom’s side.
To: Blue Jays

“…It was definitely a threat…”

Fake. Why were police not called? Where is the security camera footage?

About 99% of these stories are bogus with the retraction posted two weeks later in a small box on page 27 under the classifieds.
55 posted on 7/14/2020, 1:30:34 AM by Blue Jays ( Rock hard ~ Ride free)
No, that would be where they put the stories about Republicans getting caught committing voter fraud, and LBGTQ-bashers getting caught with a rent boy.
Continue reading at the “continue reading”….

I won’t bore you with the 150 or so “False flag” posts, but I would like to quote a bit more of the article than the OP did :

Kinsey called for his boss, Bob Palmgren, owner of the 17-year-old restaurant in suburban Kansas City, off Lamar Avenue and Johnson Drive in Mission. Palmgren was in the back, working in the kitchen.

“(Kinsey) comes around and says this guy won’t put a mask on and has a gun, and I’m like holy sh*t. I run over there, and I’m like hey, what’s going on? And he shows me his Trump hat,” Palmgren said. “And I like Trump. Everybody’s got problems. But it doesn’t make a difference. You don’t have a mask on. And I’m like, your gun’s not going to kill coronavirus, now get the hell out of here.”


“I get people in here that don’t want to do it and think that we’re a small place so we won’t enforce it or something,” he said. “But if everybody gets sick, then I’m out of business. So I’ve got to enforce these rules.”

Palmgren said he got into a heated exchange with the man as he yelled at him to wear a mask or leave.

“He goes, ‘Well, I won’t be in here anymore.’ And I said, good, I don’t want you in here. And got him to leave,” Palmgren said. “People are crazy.”

Palmgren, a former Marine, said he felt threatened.

“Especially these days, it’s scary when people have any kind of gun, even if it’s a fake gun. You don’t know what he’s going to do,” he said. “I have a lot of guys who I know come in here and are concealed carrying. But they aren’t showing their gun to anybody.”

The man left before Palmgren or Kinsey could identify him, they said.

OK – back to the scrum – er, scum.

To: yesthatjallen


The guy was a “Guest” in a private business…..flashes his gun at a snowflake is not a good mix! They both over-reacted.

13 posted on 7/13/2020, 10:26:41 PM by caww

To: caww

flashes his gun at a snowflake

There’s nothing telling us he’s a ‘snowflake’. As a matter of fact he’s just some young kid working a job trying to earn money for school.

If some angry stranger flashed a gun at me I’d be concerned.

The boss was involved so this doesn’t look like a hoax.

36 posted on 7/13/2020, 11:06:08 PM by yesthatjallen
Ban him!
To: yesthatjallen


IDIOT 18 year old: “since it’s what Gov.Kelly told us to do.”

This millenial fool does not deserve freedom !!

44 posted on 7/13/2020, 11:35:26 PM by A strike (” Was that wrong? Should I not have done this? ” – Costanza)

You’re right. He deserves to be SHOT for his impudence!



To: yesthatjallen


The business owner says customers must wear a mask and the employee does what he is supposed to do and ask customers to put it on.

…and some jerk flashes a gun and says, I don’t care that it is your business, you are not free to set the rules at your business. You don’t had the right to refuse service and to show you how much I disagree with you being able to set the rules at your establishment, I’m going to flash this gun in my belt and scare you into submission.

If you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t go inside. Or go start your own business where you can set whatever rules you want for your customers.

What a freaking jerk that guy is to flash a gun in that situation. Unbelievable.

45 posted on 7/13/2020, 11:57:23 PM by gunsequalfreedom

Ban him, too.
To: SunkenCiv


How dare an American citizen assert his right to not submit to destructionist bullshit.

And of course the wailing and weeping “oh my gawh! he’s making us look bad!”.

May the Lord Our God damn the weak and stupid among us.

73 posted on 7/14/2020, 11:47:08 AM by Grimmy (equivocation is but the first step along the road to capitulation)

To: Grimmy

How dare an American citizen assert his right to not submit to destructionist bullshit.

So if the owner of the restaurant had pulled out a gun and shot this idiot would you agree he was asserting his right to protect is place of business?

75 posted on 7/14/2020, 11:54:52 AM by DoodleDawg
Ban him, too.
To: yesthatjallen


A name or it didn’t happen

79 posted on 7/14/2020, 12:00:20 PM by AppyPappy (How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?)

“The man left before Palmgren or Kinsey could identify him, they said.”

To: pgyanke

I am unable to discern the exact story from the tale being told by the 18 yr old, though the adult owner did say the man was a regular

He said no such fucking thing.

“The man left before Palmgren or Kinsey could identify him, they said.”

and most if not all of his regulars have resisted the KS Gov.’s rollback to “mandates” over “suggestions” to “must wear!”

80 posted on 7/14/2020, 12:04:00 PM by zerosix (native sunflower)

He said no such fucking thing.

At RJ’s Bob-Be-Que Shack, Kinsey urges customers to follow the mask mandate. He said his experience with the armed customer was “nerve-wracking and disappointing, honestly.”

“Even if you have a medical exemption, just stay home. Or let us take your food to you,” Kinsey said. “There are so many options to follow Gov. Kelly’s mask requirement.”


RJ’s Bob-Be-Que shack.
The brisket is to die for.
See you peeps next Monday morning.
Oh, and since I referenced House once already, I’m gonna go full Adrastos on ya and reference him again :




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  1. How about a sign “if you choose to not wear a mask, the management reserves the right to shoot you as self protection”.

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