Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Winds Of Fear

Hodding Carter was a distinguished journalist. He was a Southern liberal when it was dangerous to be one.

I did not know that he’d ever written a novel but sometimes you strike gold when you go down an internet rabbit hole.

Trivia Time: The author’s son Hodding Carter III was the State Department spokesman during the Carter administration.

New Orleans Trivia Time: The author was married to Betty Werlein of New Orleans. People of a certain age will remember the much loved Canal Street music store, Werlein’s. It’s now the home of The Palace Cafe.

One thought on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Winds Of Fear

  1. Since you are including trivia matters, Hodding Carter’s grand daughter, (Hodding Carter III’s daughter) is Finn Carter, one of the stars in the Tremors movie.

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