Cancel the Uncancelation

Fuck these people, don’t book them at your speaking agency: 

Normally, when one administration passes the torch to another, there’s a stampede toward policy think tanks, law schools, various institutes and ideas festivals. But in this case? They should be shut out of the post-administration economy. Don’t offer them speaking gigs. No keynote addresses. No corporate conferences sponsored by national brands. No media “commentator” positions. Not for any of them.

It’s time to stop the redemption train once and for all and leave it to rust on the tracks. Anyone who touches Brad Parscale’s book proposal with so much as the tip of their umbrella should be launched into the sun.



2 thoughts on “Cancel the Uncancelation

  1. Clearly, the Trumper-rats-deserting-the-sinking-cruise-ship are going to need to do some work to line up their next gig.

    So I suggest some large “networking” F2F get-togethers. Call them “Resumé Super-Spreader Events”.

    Then let nature take its course. Coronavirus gotta eat too, y’know.

  2. But, but, but, how will we, the great unwashed, ever get the REAL story about how bravely these administration apparatchiks secretly opposed one or two of the worst excesses of the Trump administration? The gripping, behind-the-scenes story of how they rolled their eyes behind Trump’s back or didn’t smile their broadest smile when Trump said something particularly fatuous? It’s the Story That Must Be Told, and the seven figure Advance That Must Be Paid.

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