The Seven Stages Of Post-Trump Relief & Trumper Grief

Since the MSM isn’t interested in what makes Biden voters tick, I thought I’d provide a road map of sorts based on the Kubler-Ross stages of grief.

Democrats tend to be detail oriented worriers while Republicans look at the big picture and are either too cynical or too dumb to worry.

We start the clock on election night. Why a clock? Why the hell not? There’s a clock in the Safety Last image I’m so fond of posting, after all. Blame Harold Lloyd for any confusion.

The Seven Stages Of Post-Trump Relief

  1.  Apprehension and jitters on election night.
  2.  Nervousness as the votes are counted.
  3.  Jubilation after the election is called.
  4.  Worries over Trumper shenanigans.
  5.  Joy after the Georgia results are in.
  6.  Freaking out over the Dipshit Insurrection.
  7.  Blessed relief on Inauguration day.

Let’s see how the other half lives and check on grieving Trump voters.

The Seven Stages Of Trumper Grief

  1.  Anger and denial.
  2.  Anger and denial.
  3.  Anger and denial.
  4.  Anger and denial.
  5.  Anger and denial.
  6.  Anger and denial.
  7.  Anger and denial.

Speaking of anger, Senator Aqua Buddha is angry that President Biden is talking about unity.

Speaking of denial, Kevin McCarthy has denied voting to overturn the election results in two states.

Speaking of blessed relief, the last word goes to Frank Zappa: