Lyin’ Eyes

People are often surprised when they learn I like the Eagles. They’re widely considered uncool. I’m not cool now but I used to be. Of course, I was cool when Glenn, Don, and the gang were uncool. Coolness can be tricky.

I selected Lyin’ Eyes for this week’s Friday Cocktail Hour as a sort of perverse tribute to the Impeached Insult Comedian’s departure from office. Who’s a bigger liar than Donald Trump? In a word: nobody.

Lyin’ Eyes is perhaps my favorite Eagles song. It was written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey for 1975’s One Of These Nights album. It features one of Frey’s finest lead vocals.

Are you ready to take a trip to the cheating side of town?

We begin with the Eagles original album version. I have no use for the hit single version as it omits an entire verse.

Kenny Rankin cut a mellow version of Lyin’ Eyes in 1980:

Jack Jones was a saloon singer in the tradition of the Rat Pack. FYI, his father Allan was in A Night At The Opera:

In 2012, the great Buck Owens recorded an album of Eagles tunes. On it, he took a trip to the cheating side of town:

Finally, in 2016, jazz singer Gwen Hughes put a chick spin on the Henley-Frey classic:

That’s it for this week. Raise a glass and toast the end of the Trump regime. It’s what Bogie, Betty, and Frank would want. Never argue with them.

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  1. Speaking of the Eagles, here in Maryland there is a town named Hollywood. Not too far away is a town named California. In that bay-front town there is a place where boats are lifted from the water and stored in a multi-storyed shed. The shed is called a boatel. You will never guess the name of the place. (Such a lovely place.) I shit you not. Google it if you don’t believe me.

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