Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Harder They Come

There’s going to be a flow to some of this week’s regular features. This one flows out of Monday’s potpourri post.

The movie The Harder They Come was many American’s first introduction to reggae. It was mine. The soundtrack is just as fresh as it was upon its release in 1972.


Here’s the whole damn album via the YouTube.

Here’s the movie trailer:

2 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Harder They Come

  1. Loved it when it came out and still love it. Of course, given my WV hillbilly roots, Toots’ cover of Country Roads from the Funky Kingston album is also a favorite.

  2. When I lived in Maine in the late 90’s / early 80’s. Reggae all the rage.
    That anthology was an important album.
    I was able to see a Screening w/ Jimmy Cliff.
    Marley / Tosh…amazing

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