Saturday Odds & Sods: Roll Away The Stone

Notre Dame by Pablo Picasso.

I’ve already blasphemed about Easter in my Son Of Jab Talking post so I’ll resist the urge here. Besides, how can a non-believer blaspheme? A question for the ages.

This week’s theme song was written in 1974 by Ian Hunter for Mott The Hoople’s The Hoople album. They’re one of my favorite bands of that era; all flash and swagger. I like flash and swagger in a rock band.

I saw Mott perform live on that tour on a bill with BTO and a totally unknown band from Boston, Aerosmith. Great show although I’m not sure what Mormon rocker Randy Bachman thought of Ian Hunter and Steven Tyler; not to mention Mott guitarist Ariel Bender. That’s a stage name: his real moniker is nearly as colorful, Luther Grosvenor.

We move from glam rock to roots rock with this week’s co-theme song. It was written by Michael Dempsey and Leon Russell for the latter’s eponymous debut album:

Two more songs with stone in the title:

Let’s crawl to the break then jump if such a thing is feasible.

Next a number from a band with stone in their name playing a song with rock in the title:

We begin our second act by revving up the Wayback Machine:

LBJ, HHH, and the Filibuster: There’s been considerable talk here and elsewhere about the talking flibuster. Until the 1980’s that was the only kind that was allowed.

President Lyndon Johnson and then Senator Hubert Humphrey teamed up to break a filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Richard Russell and the Dixiecrats lost that round.

James Traub has the details at Politico Magazine.

The Book Report: I’ve always been a bit of a ham. I loved delivering book reports as an elementary school kid.

I’ve decided to revive the practice in print. I’m not about to become a vlogger after all these years.

Each week, I’ll  review a book, I’ve read recently. I mostly read non-fiction nowadays. Of course, some of the memoirs I’ve read qualify as fiction so…

This week:

I didn’t plan to read the former fixer’s book, but I had a Barnes & Noble gift card from my sister-in-law, and it was on sale, so I took the plunge. I’m glad I did.

I didn’t expect to like Michael Cohen after reading Disloyal, but I did. It’s an unsparing look at the biggest mistake Cohen made in his life: going to work for the Kaiser Of Chaos. Cohen’s family never liked Trump and thought he treated Michael like gum stuck on his shoe instead of as a loyal lieutenant. Loyalty should be a two-way street, but it never is with Pennywise.

Cohen is just as hard on himself as he is on Trump, which is what makes the book a compelling read. Cohen also has a gift for storytelling and an understanding of human follies and foibles, especially his own.

Is Disloyal a masterpiece? Hell to the no, but it’s an honest account of a dishonest period in the writer’s life.

I give Disloyal an Adrastos Grade of B. That’s the book, not my book report.

See you on the witness stand, Michael.

The last word of our second act goes to Lezli Valentine with the original recording of a swell old soul song:

We begin our third act with our favorite stolen feature.

Separated At Birth Casting Edition: March 30th was the 40th anniversary of the Reagan shooting. Surviving the hail of bullets fired by American Weirdo John Hinckley was one of the reasons for Reagan’s popularity. He went from Teflon to bulletproof.

James Brolin is missing from this Reagan rogue’s gallery, but I’ve heard that movie is from hunger.

The Movie List: Jeez, it’s a Jesus list. The actors are rated according to how much I like their other work. I don’t do Jesus movies.

My Top Ten Favorite Actors Who Played Jesus

  1.   Max von Sydow
  2.   Jeffrey Hunter
  3.   Donald Sutherland
  4.   John Hurt
  5.   Ewan McGregor
  6.   Willem Dafoe
  7.   Christian Bale
  8.   Liam Neeson
  9.   Joaquin Phoenix
  10.  Victor Garber

Cue Depeche Mode:

Saturday GIF Horse: Dr. A and I have gotten hooked on the British mystery series, Vera. Superficially, it looks like a cozy but it’s not. Brenda Blethyn as Vera makes sure of that: she’s cranky with her team and chirpy with suspects.

Here’s Vera snacking with her original sidekick, David Leon as Joe Ashworth.

Does this mean that Vera is a Beatles fan and Joe favors the Stones? Beats the hell out of me but I really oughta post a Beatles song to even things out. How about Macca’s Fats Domino song?

Cue gratuitous Mott The Hoople tune:

See what I mean about flash and swagger?

TCM Clip Of The Week: It’s another entry in TCM’s Classics Reframed series. This time, Psycho and The Children’s Hour with Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, and James Garner.

As you know, I love Jim Garner. I wanted to be Jim Rockford when I grew up. I just couldn’t find a sidekick as annoying as Angel Martin. Oh well, what the hell.

Let’s close down this virtual honky tonk with one of the best rock and roll albums of the Seventies.

Saturday Classic: Are you ready for more Mott? You have no choice. The album features Mick Ralphs on lead guitar. He left the band after Mott to co-found another fine rock ensemble, Bad Company.

I forgot to include All The Way From Memphis in last week’s Memphis songs cluster. It’s the opening track of Mott and features some stellar sax blowing by Andy Mackay of Roxy Music.

That’s it for this week. The last word goes to Mott The Hoople with an augmented promo picture from The Hoople tour.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Odds & Sods: Roll Away The Stone

  1. Ian Hunter lives in. ..Ct.
    We would regularly see him at local band evenings with his wife.
    One of my best friends, who lived in the same town, had his first record produced by Mick Ronson
    My friend who was a one and one with Ian related funny stories about their interactions –
    We actually had an acquaintance who secured the Mick Ronson estate.

  2. Quick follow up
    We have a friend who is very good friends with Ian –
    #1 – Ian’s residuals are healthy
    Our friend mentioned buying new cars.
    Ian said I think about buying a new house
    #2 – My friend asked Ian if he would produce
    his next record –
    More or Less – Mate I screwed up my entire career..
    I could have been a Rolling Stone and I passed it by
    Do you really trust me to make a career decision ?
    LOL – rob

    1. Thanks for the great stories. I never understood why he dropped the Mott name instead of retooling the band.

      1. Ians backing bad is “Rant”
        Not ro worry about the Mott legacy as Ian reprised all his Mott hits when performing.
        One other thing – from what I was told he received some healthy residuals from the Juno movie.

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