Stacey Abrams Takes John Neely Kennedy To School

The burden of proof should be on those who demand restricting the right to vote.

During a Tuesday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on voting rights, Republican Sen. John Kennedy (La.) asked Abrams if she believes the Georgia voting bill signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp (R) last month is “racist.”

“I think there are provisions of it that are racist, yes,” she responded.

Kennedy then asked the former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee to “give” him a “list of the provisions that you object to.”

Abrams, who founded the voting rights advocacy group Fair Fight Action, proceeded to list the components of the bill that she says would place unfair disadvantages on certain segments of the population, including voters in minority groups and low-income residents.

“It shortens the federal run-off period from nine weeks to four weeks. It restricts the time a voter can request and return an absentee ballot application,” she began before commenting on the provision that requires voters to present a photo ID when participating in absentee voting.

Abrams added that this provision would make Georgia “only the fourth state in the nation to require voters to put at risk their identity” before she was interrupted by Kennedy.

“What else?” he questioned.

The former Georgia state representative continued to list other provisions she opposes, including limits on the number of ballot drop box locations and its ban on “nearly all-out-of precinct votes.”

“Meaning that if you get to a precinct and you are in line for four hours and you get to the end of the line and you are not there between 5 and 7 p.m., you have to start all over again,” she added.

“OK. What else? Is that everything?” the Louisiana senator said.

“No, it is not,” Abrams replied before letting out a quick laugh. “No, sir.”

Abrams pointed out that the law allows precincts to have shortened voting windows, which she said “may have an effect on voters who cannot vote during business hours.”

She then started to move on to another provision before Kennedy interrupted, “OK. I get the idea.”

Stacey Abrams is a national hero.

A couple of weeks ago I noted I’m so old I remember when the right to vote was considered central to free society.

But I guess for the wingers freedom to vote is like the free press or free market: guaranteed only to those who own [one].

And their race to restrict voting rights is a tell.

They’re panicking.

3 thoughts on “Stacey Abrams Takes John Neely Kennedy To School

  1. She then started to move on to another provision before Kennedy interrupted, “OK. I get the idea.”
    I doubt it.

  2. Kennedy “OK. I get the idea”

    Bet he does, as in “hey, those are all things we should implement in LA”.

    I’m so old I can remember when everyone thought that “torture” was something that was only done by horrible governments, that qualified them for automatically being put down like a rabid dog. Then came Dubya.

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