Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with random ruminations – “cold dead hands” edition

First of all – I’m a gun owner.

I own a Glock G21 handgun, a single-shot .22 rifle that belonged to my Grandfather, and a .410 shotgun that was used in my days as a ranch hand to dispatch armadillo (our cattle were breaking their legs in armadillo holes), and put rabbits, duck, and pheasant on the table.

I also trained with the M1 Garand and the original M16 jam-o-matic in my Allen Academy days. I shot Sharpshooter level with both hands, and still do that well on the rare occasion that I still go to the range .

And no, I don’t EVER carry my handgun around with me in the hope I might get to shoot someone.

So let’s just disarm (see what I did there?) the “You gun-haters want to take away all our guns” trope right now.

I have as much use for a modified (full-auto and burst settings disabled) assault rifle as I do for a
flamethrower or hand grenade.  And unless you are in the military, police responding to an active shooter,  or are planning to kill a whole shitload of people, neither do you.

It’s a bit like someone with a Piper Cherokee saying that the Government wants to take away his plane, just because you can’t buy an A10 Warthog with a working GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon.

Ain’t the same thing, numbnuts.
10,000 Quatloos to the commenter who can pick out the author in the pic below :



One thought on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with random ruminations – “cold dead hands” edition

  1. I too have been a gun owner when I lived in Alaska and had a commercial fishing boat.
    A Ruger 10/22, a falling block 45/70 because I was never a good shot so I wanted something that in case I needed it would not just stop an animal intent upon proving who was on the top of the feeding chain but push it back a little. And a 41 mag revolver because when cutting wood I absolutely guareentee that the bear will appear between you and the tree one leaned your rifle against.
    Now none
    Because where I live now is not an habitat for dangerous animals,except for those ammosexuals who are such cowards they fear walking out the door with out their steel pacifier.
    For those who claim they carry it because it is better to have one if needed then not I sy rubbish.
    If that were the case one would carry a a medic’s kit because seeing someone in need of medical care is more likely then a shoot out at the local OK Corral. Or an extra epipen to help anyone with allergic reaction or any number of useful items that do not inflict death upon others.
    It is only cowards, fearful whimps who carry guns when not part of job (another issue) .
    With a gun in their pcket they can feel more assertive until the blow their own testes of going for a quick draw whenever they see someone who in their panic housed mind Might, just possibily, maybe be a threat.

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