Happy Birthday, Neil Finn

It’s been a pretty darn gloomy week for me here at First Draft. I’ve written about George Floyd’s death, Anti-Semitism, and the passing of one of the last decent Republicans. It’s time to lighten things up this afternoon. Sometimes, like Cyndi Lauper, bloggers just want to have fun.

Neil Finn is one of the greatest singer-songwriters in rock history. His work with Split Enz, Crowded House, as a solo artist, and with his brother Tim have long rocked my world.

Today is Neil’s 63rd birthday. I should hate the fact that he still has a full head of hair but how can I hate Beaky?

It’s listicle time. Given how much I love Neil’s music, this Finny list captures my mood at a moment in time. If I were to do one next week, it’s likely to be different. So it goes.

It’s also really hard to limit it to ten, but who the hell wants to read a Top 100? I certainly don’t want to write such a thing. Besides, 100 videos would take forever to load.

My Top Ten Favorite Neil Finn Songs

Don’t Dream It’s Over

It’s Only Natural

Together Alone

Only Talking Sense

One Step Ahead

Better Be Home Soon

Distant Sun

Love You ‘Til The Day I Die

She Will Have Her Way

Chocolate Cake

The last pick might be controversial among some Finn fans but what’s a birthday without cake?

Perhaps I should do this every week. I forgot the song that I stole a line from for the title of my novel:

What’s a birthday without a little lagniappe?

Happy Birthday, Neil.