Of Scams, Perfect Phone Calls & Nomenclature

It’s time to put on my lawyer hat.  It’s too hot to wear a fedora and I’ll skip Rudy’s favorite tinfoil hat. I don’t want to attract lightning.

The Lesser Trump Scam: This is one of my favorite stories in quite some time. It combines Trumper gullibility and avarice:

A 22-year old Pennsylvania man raked in thousands of dollars by impersonating various members of the Trump family, Manhattan federal prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Joshua Hall is facing charges of wire fraud and identity theft after allegedly creating fake social media accounts of lower-profile Trump family members like Barron Trump, Robert Trump, and Elizabeth Trump Grau to collect money.


Hall allegedly created a fake political organization to receive funds. The plot allegedly started off in September 2019, with Hall creating several social media accounts impersonating famous people who then endorsed what prosecutors describe as Hall’s political organization.

Hall allegedly did this through a crowdfunding platform that media reports have identified as GoFundMe, used to send money to Hall’s group Gay Voices for Trump.

Gay Voices For Trump? Really? Somebody fell for that? Of course, they did. There are thousands of idiots who think Trump is the real president. They’re ripe for the taking.

Hall had to drop Robert Trump after he died but Barron lives. The other name belongs to Trump’s shy sister. Yes, I said shy. Somebody in that family has to be.

Rudy’s Perfect Phone Call: What’s a news cycle without a Rudy story? This time, CNN scored the recordings of Giuliani’s call to the right-hand man of the Ukrainian president. It laid the groundwork for the call that caused the first impeachment. Heckuva job, Rudy.

If you want to hear Rudy extorting Andiry Yermak, CLICK HERE.

More and more Rudy resembles a turd swirling about the terlet bowl on its way to the sewer. Correction: Rudy was already in the sewer. In any event, he’s in deep shit and sinking fast.

I eagerly await to see who flips first on Trump: Rudy or Allen Weisselberg. The latter at least has the good sense to say, “No comment.” Rudy never met a camera he didn’t try to hump.

Nomenclature: Here’s the deal. I too disagree with some of the early decisions made by the Department of Justice, but it’s NOT the Biden DOJ. If the MSM must append a name to it, call it the Garland DOJ. The administration is trying to remove DOJ from politics after the previous president treated it as his personal plaything.

I’m withholding judgment on Merrick Garland. It’s too early to say where the DOJ is headed. I prefer not to get lost in the weeds over individual issues. On balance, I thought Eric Holder and Janet Reno were good Attorneys General but I had substantial areas of disagreement with both.

Hot takes are for the birds as is allowing former President* Pennywise to live rent-free in one’s head.

I opened talking hats, let’s circle back and give Lyle Lovett the last word.