2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Magic

  1. I’m a fan of both his gigs, and one of those crazy heretics who read The Princess Bride before it was turned into a movie (Goldman adapting the screenplay from his own novel) and who still kind of loves the book more.

    It’s a funny thing, the trick Goldman somehow pulled off with TPB: the book is an exercise in cynical realism about the world, and the movie is a romantic fairy tale, and yet somehow they both really, really work. Usually (but definitely not always) when a movie swings as far from a book’s themes as TPB (the movie) does, it doesn’t work. One might assume it’s because if anyone’s going to take liberties with a screenplay, it might as well be the author of the novel, but that’s not really it. It’s that Goldman was a frickin’ genius and he understood what movies need to work and what novels need to work better than most writers who only do one or the other.

    The novel’s not filmable, so he did exactly what he was parodying in the novel: he wrote a screenplay that was a good parts version of an impossible to film book. Perfect. He was brilliant.

  2. Also more of a fan of TPB as a book! Never cared that much for the movie.

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