The Chauvin Sentencing Hearing: 270 Months

I couldn’t resist posting my favorite picture of convicted murderer Derek Chauvin and his annoying defense attorney, Eric Nelson. I have not missed Nelson, but I’ve covered this case extensively, so I didn’t want to miss the finale.

I’m writing this bit right before Judge Cahill calls the hearing to order. It’s somewhat anti-climatic. The Judge has already ruled that there are aggravating circumstances so the chances of Chauvin getting a light sentence seems low. Nelson asked for probation: never gonna happen, my friend.

Consider this live blogging even though it’s being posted at once.

I was hoping to see Chauvin in a prison jump suit, but he wore a suit. He did, however, sport a prison-style haircut along with his suit, which hung loose on him. He looks pale and thin. Good.

Four relatives of George Floyd made victim impact statements.

The video made of George Floyd’s young daughter Giana was heartbreaking. It’s unclear if she completely understands what happened. Poor baby.

The Floyd family wants the book thrown at Chauvin; preferably a thousand-page hardback.

Both Floyd brothers called it an execution. I concur.

It was good to see prosecutors Matthew Frank and Jerry Blackwell. A reminder that good lawyering helped win the case.

The four aggravating circumstances are some serious shit that should lead to a serious sentence. #fingerscrossed

I didn’t expect as this much argument from the lawyers. The Judge has likely made up his mind. It’s all in the briefs.

In contradiction of my previous sentence, it’s a case of public importance so it deserves more argument, especially as Frank mocked Nelson’s request for probation.

Nelson looked twitchy and said he’d be brief. There’s a first time for everything

Chauvin’s mother appeared on behalf of her family. First family sighting of the trial. Her statement boiled down to this: he’s a good boy and everyone else is lying. At least she didn’t say he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. That’s all for the mockery: she didn’t kill George Floyd, her son did.

Guess what? Nelson has missed the spotlight, so he spoke longer than expected. Anyone surprised? Not me.

Nelson didn’t say right at the end of every sentence, There’s a first time for everything.

Nelson seems to be trying to repair some of the damage done to his reputation by his conduct during the trial.

Nelson’s argument was more reasonable than his ridiculous brief.

Chauvin is facing federal civil rights charges, so he spoke briefly. I was surprised that he offered condolences to the Floyd family. It was the least he could do, literally.

Judge Cahill took a 20-minute break to allow the teevee talking heads to bloviate. It’s too late to speculate on the sentence, y’all.

The Judge kept his verbal statement short. There will be a 22-page memo attached to the order.

Chauvin sentenced to 270 months for second degree murder. That’s 22 1/2 years.

Not the maximum but a stiff sentence,

The legal system is not done with Derek Chauvin. He still faces federal charges,

That’s all, folks. Stay tuned for the Friday Cocktail Hour at 5 PM Central.