Today on Tommy T’s Random Ruminations – Terminal Stupidity edition

You know, I’ve tried – really TRIED to have sympathy for idiot anti-vaxxers.

I really have.  At least I’ve tried to have sympathy for their friends and families they infected while they were asymptomatically blowing the virus into the air around them.

But I’m running out of fucks to give.  Seriously.

A nurse.

A fucking ER NURSE.

The stupidity of the “You can’t tell me what to do with my body”  (irony meter pegged) cult is fatal.

Even the ones that COVID doesn’t kill outright will spend a lot of their time in the hospital suffering from the “long-hauler” issues of lung, heart, kidney, and brain damage.

I used to smile at commenters on the internets making sarcastic jokes about denying medical help to people who thought “my immune system works” was going to save them.

I’m not so sure now that that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

3 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Random Ruminations – Terminal Stupidity edition

  1. Occurs that as Mr Natural I may have met my cheeseburger.

    Or was it Big Mac?

    Levity aside, an Old Logger Hippie Biker I’ve been pretty conscious (really) of what I’ve put in my body down through the years. Wouldn’t so much call myself an anti-vaxxer as just cautious; and none of that is to say I haven’t been vaxxed ~ as an Army brat I was hit with everything they had in the late fifties and again in the early seventies. But I can also honestly say I’ve never had a flu shot. The numbers didn’t add up.

    Yet, to quote the qools “I did some research” and I’m pretty sure this new nRMA architecture is the biggest medical breakthrough since the polio vaccine. Despite naysayers it could be up to five years protection against not just the SARS but any corona virus: the common cold; many flus, malaria, possibly HIV, maybe big maybe my spouse’s cancerous minigenomes before they go cancerous. The numbers add up.

    Also pretty sure I had it early on, and that really sucked.

    I’ve had a cheeseburger or two. Fresh fries, tall cold beer …

  2. My office re-opened this week (perhaps a bit prematurely, but whaddya gonna do). Once I have cleared the detritus at my desk accumulated over the past 16 months, I have permission to work from home two or three times a week, which I intend to take full advantage of. While in the office, I’m wearing a mask (and I note that I’m the only person doing so out of some 60 people). Nobody has challenged me or made a snide comment, and I don’t intend to let anyone get to me about it.

    Here’s my rationale: I’ve been fully vaccinated (two shots Pfizer if you must know), but I could be carrying the virus asymptomatically. As such, I’m wearing the mask in case I encounter someone unvaccinated or otherwise vulnerable to contracting the virus. I would feel terrible if I infected someone else, and wearing a mask seems the least I can do.

    I’m done with the pea-brains who won’t take the vaccine. Get sick, luck out, die, I don’t care enough to argue with you anymore. I can be responsible only for myself when I’m in a public building or other enclosure, but I’ll take a minor and reasonable precaution to not infect someone else.

  3. I’m sick and tired of idiots everywhere refusing the vaccine, too. I would have no objections to Pfizer or Moderna renaming it to The Trump Vaccine if it would get more people to take it, even though that would help more idiots survive. Failing that, though, I’m fine with more and more contagious/deadly variants washing through the nation’s willfully unvaccinated. If this is the hill they literally want to die on, then so be it.

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