Friday Catblogging: Remembering Paul Drake

It been nearly a year since Paul Drake was stricken with Saddleback Thrombosis. He died a mere 51 hours later. It was the most traumatic cat death Dr. A and I have ever experienced.

We still miss him and often talk about what Claire Trevor is missing by not being introduced to the way of the Mojito Cat by PD.

Here are three of my favorite PD images including one with the late great Della Street.

Finally, the boy and his namesake:

3 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Remembering Paul Drake

  1. Our girl “Twixt” (candy bar) has close to identical spots.
    Her spots are instead black/grey tiger stripes.we have had cats before,
    mostly black but Twixt is the smartest and the most pack oriented.
    We have an older Border Collie and she rules the roost.
    Its so funny watching their Tom and Jerry relationship.

    1. Pete just one more thing – all of our cats have been black –
      None of them exhibited Twixts “brain” – smart as hell.
      She’s obviously not Border Collie smart…but ?
      Wondering if that coloring is a smart genetic gene?
      Our Black’s were never as interactive.

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