Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Going Viral” edition

Good morning, everyone!

Free Republic threads on COVID-19 all fall among the usual lines of

  1. It’s a hoax / fear porn
  2. The figures aren’t real / almost no one actually dies from it
  3. Mah freedumb!!!

Every so often, though, reality sneaks in and whomps them upside their stupid heads :

Deadly Blood Clots Develop In 62% of People Receiving COVID Vaccine ^ | July 25 |

Posted on 7/26/2021, 12:39:10 AM by RandFan

Documents Prove Fauci Knew in 2012 That Vaccines Targeting the Spike Protein Were a Slow Death Sentence



“Ladies and gentlemen, the information I’m about to reveal here… is as big as Adolf Hitler starting World War 2…”
1 posted on 7/26/2021, 12:39:10 AM by RandFan
To: JD_UTDallas
Not BS. He plays a video of the doctor saying he has seen it in his patients.
Starts 4:45
5 posted on 7/26/2021, 12:51:42 AM by RandFan
The problem here, of course, is that every single Freeper (with the exception of “RandFan”) knows at least a few dozen people who have gotten inoculated.
To: RandFan
Well, you posted it on the internet so it must be true. After all, no one posts BULL CRAP on the internet.
posted on 7/26/2021, 12:57:36 AM by House Atreides
To: RandFan

This is utter nonsense. Half the people I know would be dead or in hospital.

10 posted on 7/26/2021, 1:13:47 AM by AndyJackson

Another Freeper takes a shot at “RandFan”s namesake :
To: RandFan
Rand took the vaccine…..just saying.
24 posted on 7/26/2021, 1:45:12 AM by Chgogal (#GulagNancy is going all Cuba on Trump Supporters.)
And now – the post of the thread!
To: RandFan
I got the vaccine,
I totally died from a blood clot.
44 posted on 7/26/2021, 5:21:26 AM by Bayard
More after the fear porn break.

Of course, living in Texas, I heard about this right away :

Republican official who mocked COVID in final Facebook post dies of virus in Texas Fort Worth Star Telegram ^ | Mike Stunson Posted on 8/5/2021, 11:01:23 AM by Callahan

1 posted on 8/5/2021, 9:06:13 PM by Berlin_Freeper
From the deceased moron’s Facebook page :
He seems nice.
Let’s see – looking over the replies, we’ve got “Infected wetbacks did it”, “he was obese”, “fear porn”, “the media only reports when Republicans get it”, “the vaccine is killing people, too” and “they should have given him Ivermectin/HCQ”.
Does that cover it?
Oh – forgot the ultimate post of the thread!
To: Berlin_Freeper
We all will die from …. something.
2 posted on 8/5/2021, 9:07:14 PM by taxcontrol (You are entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is.)
Especially stupidity.
I went to this dead asshole’s FB page. It’s still up (as of Saturday).  The comments are not kind.
Oh well – “he was obese”, so fuck him.
Oh – almost forgot to add this :
Let’s continue with a little of that “Insurrection Porn”, shall we?

Capitol cop Michael Fanone slams table at Jan 6 hearing as tearful colleagues condemn ‘terrorist’ rioters who wanted to ‘execute them’ during ‘medieval battle’
daily mail ^

Posted on 7/27/2021, 11:22:09 AM by algore

U.S. Capitol cops and DC Metropolitan Police officers called rioters ‘terrorists’, attacked Republicans who have downplayed January 6 and recalled the ‘medieval battle’ they faced during the first hearing of the select committee on Tuesday.

Officers Harry Dunn, Aquilino Gonell, Michael Fanone and Daniel Hodges gave harrowing testimony to the panel of seven Democrats and two Republicans – Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – describing how they feared the rioters would kill them and criticized the treatment of their colleagues.

They also told the panel how they were confronted by people waving MAGA flags, Trump supporters saying President Biden didn’t win the election, and others racially abusing them.

Dunn said he was called the n-word more than a dozen times and one rioter said: ‘This n***er voted for Biden.’

Officer Hodges said: ‘To my perpetual confusion, I saw the thin blue line flag, the symbol of support for law enforcement, more than once being carried by the terrorists as they ignored our demands and continued to assault us.’

In his testimony, Gonell recounted how the ‘rioters call me traitor

‘The rioters were vicious and relentless. We found ourselves in a violent battle,’ he said of that day.

He described his experience ‘like something from a medieval battle. We fought hand to hand, inch by inch, to prevent an invasion of the Capitol by the mob intend on subverting our democracy

1 posted on 7/27/2021, 11:22:09 AM by algore
Immediately, there’s around a hundred “pics or it didn’t happen” replies .
To: algore
Really? Where’s the footage of this. There were cameras everywhere.
2 posted on 7/27/2021, 11:24:19 AM by Seruzawa (The political Left is the Garden of Eden of Incompetence – Marx the Smarter (Groucho))
Apparently, they’re not showing it on ONAN, but there’s plenty of it everywhere else – even on FOX :

To: algore
[ in my best Bugs Bunny voice] What a performance!!!
3 posted on 7/27/2021, 11:24:34 AM by LIConFem (Read up on Russia’s Oct, 1917 Revolution… And prepare.)
In MY best Bugs Bunny voice :

To: algore
What… a bunch… of useless pansies. I’m speechless at the hyperbole. This bullshit theater needs to be called out. I’m so tired of it all.
4 posted on 7/27/2021, 11:24:47 AM by rarestia (Repeal the 17th Amendment and ratify Article the First to give the power back to the people!)
To: ProtectOurFreedom
What a little bitch. Someone slap him to death.
16 posted on 7/27/2021, 11:28:18 AM by AAABEST (NY/DC/LA media/political/military industrial complex DELENDA EST)
Oh, PLEASE try. I’m willing to put a betting pool together on how many seconds it takes for him to stomp your ass.
Seeing you dumb fucks try and shit on the police officers who were attacked seems to be an awfully strange way to “Back The Blue”.   Oh well….
Getting back to this week’s COVIDIOTS theme, we have –
Majority of Covid misinformation came from 12 people, report finds ^ | 7/17/21 | Erum Salam
Posted on 7/17/2021, 7:51:34 PM by ransomnote

The vast majority of Covid-19 anti-vaccine misinformation and conspiracy theories originated from just 12 people, a report by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) cited by the White House this week found.

CCDH, a UK/US non-profit and non-governmental organization, found in March that these 12 online personalities they dubbed the “disinformation dozen” have a combined following of 59 million people across multiple social media platforms, with Facebook having the largest impact. CCDH analyzed 812,000 Facebook posts and tweets and found 65% came from the disinformation dozen. Vivek Murthy, US surgeon general, and Joe Biden focused on misinformation around vaccines this week as a driving force of the virus spreading.

On Facebook alone, the dozen are responsible for 73% of all anti-vaccine content, though the vaccines have been deemed safe and effective by the US government and its regulatory agencies. And 95% of the Covid misinformation reported on these platforms were not removed.

1 posted on 7/17/2021, 7:51:34 PM by ransomnote
After a dozen or so “This is George Orwell” posts, I saw :
To: ransomnote
Tucker Carlson had his shots
Laura Ingraham had her shots
Trump had his shots
Why are they telling you not to get your shots? Because they like and respect you?

17 posted on 7/17/2021, 8:05:27 PM by babble-on

To: babble-on
Why are they telling you not to get your shots? Because they like and respect you?

They had the shots before they found out that they were bioweapons.

18 posted on 7/17/2021, 8:06:22 PM by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)

Oh well – that explains everything.
Al’s obviously an infected George Orwell clone.
Oh – in case you haven’t yet seen the video the above jpeg comes from, here it is :
(can’t let Adrastos have all the music video fun)

See everyone next Monday.

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  1. Saw something about Tucker, from his fascist vacation lair, saying that people should FIGHT (sue? shoot? make whiny noises?) their employer, if said employer tries to impose a vaccination mandate.

    Like FOX did, he didn’t say

    1. By all means, they should quit their job (or get fired for refusing to vaccinate). I hear that Burger King is hiring.
      And, of course, disown all their friends and family members who have gotten vaccinated.

  2. I’m surprised I haven’t seen a single thread about Jeffrey Rosen’s testimony. Are they scared shitless, or simply unaware?

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