The Sinematic Senator Meets Aaron Neville

It comes from music writer Bob Mehr:

I’d never noticed before that Veda Pierce Sinema has guns. If only she’d devote as much time to her official duties as she does to her wardrobe and exercise regime.

This Tweet has led to comments from the Aaron Neville fans out there. Two Aaron tunes have been cited repeatedly. First, his first hit song:

Second, this duet with the great Linda Ronstadt:

Since it’s a Halloween costume joke, I’d like to add this Neville Brothers classic:

One thought on “The Sinematic Senator Meets Aaron Neville

  1. There are adults who effortlessly maintain coolness (or whatever the contemporary equivalent is). There are others who desperately delude themselves by chasing just-bygone fashions and pursuits and just-wrong attitudes. Guess which this one is.
    (Then there’s people like me: never was, never will be).

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