Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Buggles

The Buggles were a quirky British new wave band. So quirky that the band name is pronounced Biggles.

I’ve had them on my mind ever since I wrote about their song I Am A Camera a few Saturdays ago.

The Buggles were more of a duo than a band. It was Geoff Downes and Trevor Horn’s thing. They were short-lived but influential. In fact, their song Video Killed The Radio Star was the first video played on MTV.

The Buggles splintered when Downs and Horn joined Yes together. I saw the Drama tour and recall Horn being booed for the audacity to replace Jon Anderson. I thought he was good. I still do.

Trevor Horn went on to be one of the leading record producers of his era. Geoff Downes left the Buggles to form the pop-prog super group Asia and played a return engagement as Yes’ keyboard player in the 21st Century.

Here are the covers for their two albums:

Here’s the Video Killed The Radio Star video:

Finally, The Age Of Plastic via Spotify. I’ll stop Buggling you now:

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