The Bastards Are Grinding Me Down

Our fearless leader discussed the oral argument at the Supreme Court about the Mississippi abortion law earlier, but I am not going to tackle any of the legal stuff. I’m not going to tackle it because I am so fucking angry about all of this that I can’t make a cool-headed, analytical post about this bullshit. As the only woman in this motley crew, I have some Thoughts on what happened on Wednesday.

Here’s my disclaimer—I didn’t follow all of it via the audio feed once I saw that Mississippi openly admitted it had expanded its goal from curtailing Roe to striking it down outright since Amy Comey Barrett had been added to SCOTUS and the state Solicitor General no longer had to court Chief Justice John Roberts. Since SCOTUS was all “hey, that’s cool!” I knew it was pointless to engage with any of it.

I got so angry listening for 5 minutes to Clarence Thomas that I thought I was going to literally explode. And that’s even though we already know what the decision will be. Alleged rapist Brett Kavanaugh compared a woman’s autonomy over her own body to Jim Crow, openly saying that SCOTUS had a role in correcting prior legal mistakes. I hope Susan Collins is happy now.

This leads me to the question I ask anti-choice people all the time:  where in the Constitution does it say that a woman has fewer rights over her own body than a man does over his? I have NEVER gotten any kind of answer from any anti-choice person, either.

The answer that the anti-choice extremists don’t want to admit to is that they absolutely believe women have fewer rights than men do. It’s as simple as that. Because this country is steeped in sexism, women who are raped are stigmatized by society. But Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford and he’s on the fucking Supreme Court. That’s all you need to know to understand the dynamic at work.

The extremist element on the court is going to push abortion to the states, and once that is done, the extremist activists will start pushing SCOTUS to recognize “personhood”, which is Doubleplusgood Newspeak for “the criminalization of abortion”. And then they’ll come for birth control, because Adrastros is 100% right that the extremists are determined to kill Griswold v. Connecticut.

The Democrats could pass a law that guarantees abortion access to women. But the margins in both chambers of Congress are minuscule to none, and the reality is that there are too many Democrats who can’t afford to vote “yes” on a bill like that because as bad as things are, things would be worse with Speaker of the House Marjorie Taylor Greene. So here we are.