Fox News Arsonists

The featured image is of the so-called All-American Fox Christmas tree on fire last week. This burning tree is an excellent metaphor for the daily doings at the right-wing network.

Tucker Carlson tweeted out his outrage complete with an embedded video:

The Mothertucker went on to call the arson a hate crime and denounced the FBI and DOJ for not keeping statistics on Christmas tree arsons. Those numbers, of course, are not kept because such incidents are rare. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were some “false flag” Christmas tree burnings in the wake of the Swanson frozen food heir’s rant.

I’ve never entertained fantasies of Christmas tree arson even when I see stores decking the halls with bows of premature holly.

Fox News’ faux outrage spread to the White House briefing room:

If only they were this outraged by the Dipshit Insurrection on-the-air. Off-the-air, some famous Fox personalities texted their outrage to Mark Meadows during the attack:

  • Fox hosts Laura Ingraham, Brian Kilmeade and Sean Hannity texted Meadows on Jan. 6 to plead for Trump to do something to stop the violence unfolding at the Capitol, according to texts Meadows had turned over to the committee.
  • Don Jr.’s hair was on fire: “He’s got to condemn this shit ASAP. The Capitol Police tweet is not enough,” the president’s son wrote, adding in another text that Trump needed to give an Oval Office address because the riots had “gone too far.”
  • Kilmeade fretted that Trump was “destroying everything you have accomplished.” “Please get him on TV,” he texted Meadows.
  • Hannity asked if the then-president could “make a statement” and urge his supporters to leave.
  • Ingraham told Meadows that Trump needed to tell the insurrectionists to go home because “[t]his is hurting all of us” and “He is destroying his legacy.”

I included the Trump Junior text because TPM did and because it illustrates his utter cowardice in the face of daddy dearest. Every time I see his public pronouncements, I think of Succession’s Roman Roy dunking on everyone but his father. He cowers before Logan. The analogy collapses because Roman is funny, and Junior is just Trumpy.

Fox News, of course, did not cover the Meadows contempt hearing. Imagine that.

Slowly but surely, Fox is losing the anchors who allow the network to claim that they’re a news operation. First, Shepard Smith fled to CNBC. Last Sunday, Chris Wallace announced that he was fleeing Fox as well. He’s going to be the face of CNN’s new streaming service.

Wallace will no longer be there to counter the cable newser’s nighttime opinion hosts. You know, the people who were against the Dipshit Insurrection before they were for it.

If you told me in 2009 that Fox News would be exponentially worse twelve years later, I would have said you were crazy. They’d just hired Glenn Beck, after all. The Mothertucker makes Glenn Beck look like Walter Cronkite. I hesitate to say it, but even Roger Ailes looks less horrible in comparison to the current state of Fox News. It’s that bad.

Fox News circa 2021 is like the arsonist its hosts deplore. Instead of an All-American Christmas tree, they’re setting America on fire.

The last word goes to Arthur Brown followed by the Ohio Players:

5 thoughts on “Fox News Arsonists

  1. So what have I seen burning this year? Forests. Teslas A Christmas tree. Very different responses. Where’s the condemnation of the western fires? Where’s the condemnation of the car on fire? Now that I think of it, I saw an F-150 on fire. Same model and year as mine. I was tempted to save the tail light lenses.

  2. No, Tuck, the world is not flat, is not six thousand years old and no, Tuck, I don’t care what your book says, it’s not ok to screw your daughter …

  3. I’m endlessly disgusted by the performative displays of Republicans and their media allies. We all expect it from these loathsome Fox media personalities, but the saturation level it has reached among elected GOP officials is despicable. Recently I came across your “Hick Schtick” post from April regarding Senator John N. Kennedy. I found it because I’ve been looking into his political history. When I searched for his ancestry I encountered an informational dead zone. I cannot find any family history on him online anywhere. It’s as though it was scrubbed from the internet. Not even the names of his parents are available. I suspect it has something to do with protection of the “hick schtick.” Given his middle name of Neely, and the fact he attended Vanderbilt, I considered there might be a family connection to the school. But I was unable to make that determination. I have no doubt the Senator comes from an exceedingly privileged background, and that he wishes to conceal this fact from the American public. I’m eager to find out just how much old money and political power the folksy, Oxford educated simpleton has backing up his success story. I would also like to shine a bright light on just how thick his application of hillbilly personality varnish has been.

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