The “White” Is Always Silent

Back in 2020, Joe Biden said he’d put a Black woman on the Supreme Court if he won the election. Last week he got the chance to make good on his pledge.

The non-politicized (can you see my eyes rolling?) Supreme Court had been the subject of previous political pledges. Ronald Reagan vowed to put a woman on the Supreme Court. Donald Trump did the same thing, and conservatives were just fine with it and both women were confirmed with zero complaining from the right.

By uttering the word “Black”, Biden transgressed the first rule of White Supremacy Club:  “The ‘White’ Is Always Silent”. This rule is absolutely ingrained in white supremacist grammar that is used all across white institutions. Here’s Chuck Todd getting caught:

Mitch McConnell slipped up too a week ago:  “If you look at the statistics, African-American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans.”:

You can easily see the problem here:  if the “white” is always silent, then how do you discreetly dog whistle to appeal outside of your core racist audience? This has been a real learning curve for the Republicans, and they have not mastered it.

Susan Collins gave it a try:

OK, so she couldn’t do it. What about Ted Cruz? He went with demographic GOTCHA! that so many of the wingers on the political board I frequent loved:

I asked all of the guys on the political board who took this tack, as Cruz’s questioner in the video did not, what percentage Black women were on the Supreme Court right now. Of course they had no answer.

Senator Insurrection Enabler tried to go the historical route, and yeah, that didn’t work either:

I know there are more but good grief all this is just so tiring and infuriating and exhausting.

Back in December I wrote a post about the news coverage of Kamala Harris. I attributed it mostly to her being female, and the deep antipathy that this country has for women. But after the lens of this last week, I see now that it’s because she’s a Black women, and as bad as it is for some men to see a woman in power (e.g., Nancy Pelosi), it’s exponentially worse if that woman in power is Black.

I’d like to think that things will settle down once the nominee is announced and we all get down to learning more about her and her accomplishments. But I know now that’s not going to happen. The white supremacy that undergirds this country isn’t going to die of natural causes and white supremacists are not going to be silent. We’ve got work to do, friends.

Hall and Oates can sing us out:

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  1. Republicans know that Wypipo froth at the mouth about affirmative action, so it’s an easy way to get their electoral base eager to vote!

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