Tenderly was written in 1946 by Walter Gross and Jack Lawrence. It’s a much loved and oft performed mid-tempo ballad.

We begin with the best: Ella & Louis with Oscar Peterson on piano.

This comes from the album Anita Sings The Most on which Ms. O’Day is backed by the ubiquitous Oscar Peterson and his Quartet.

Sarah Vaughan was among the first to record Tenderly in 1947. I prefer this later version.

Billie Holiday. Say no more.

Finally, a full-tilt orchestral version from Tony Bennett:

What’s a Friday Cocktail Hour without a jazz instrumental version of the week’s song? This time, Gary Burton followed by Mongo Santamaria then Oscar Peterson & Joe Pass.

Have I told you lately how much I love Oscar Peterson?

Here’s some lagniappe from Harpo Marx:

That’s it for this week. Pour yourself a cocktail and drink it tenderly. It’s what the Marx Brothers would want. Never argue with them.