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As El Jefe de First Draft Adrastos this week has been pointing out there are plenty of them running for various government posts. He calls them malakas, I just call them idiots. It’s scary enough so many of them are running for office. What’s even scarier is the ones who already hold office. Probably scariest of all are those in the media.

Up until four weeks ago it was bad enough that these American Idiots were out there bloviating forth their bile, but war has a funny way of ratchetting up the ideocracy of their views. Remember back a month ago when many of these Idiots were saying what a great man Putin was, how solid a leader he was. They loved that he parroted their dislike of anything even vaguely liberal like civil rights for LGBTQ+ folks. And of course they absolutely went gaga over the idea of him banning not only books but those pesky ink stained (alright, carpal tunnel strained) wretches called journalists.

Even in the first days of the invasion they were still backing his play and playing up his rhetoric that Ukraine was a threat to Russia. As it quickly became apparent the vast majority of Americans were on the Ukrainian side in this war, the Idiots began to refine their cries into spouting the Putin line of the “aggressive” Ukrainians out to use bioweapons and only when that failed to find a footing outside of the Fox News bubble did some of them finally admit that yeah, their buddy Vlad started a war for his own vain reasons. Notice I said only some of them.

The biggest mouths still shouting the “military intervention” propaganda are those on the extreme end of the far right or as we now call it the mainstream Republican Party. Leading them on is Tucker Carlson who spreads Russian disinformation about the invasion, then says he was only posing a question, then when he’s reminded he openly said he was “rooting” for Russia against Ukraine a few years ago  turns his invective against anyone who dares to say the truth.

Alleged human being Margorie Taylor Greene claimed the war was President Biden’s fault because of “poor leadership”. No less an authority than Alexander Vindman, the military man on the “perfect phone call” that got her man crush Trump impeached replied by saying:

Look, here’s the truth. The far right thought they could get away with all this pro-Russia crap because like a lot of the world they thought Russia would steamroll over the Ukraine forces and walk into Kyiv. As each day passes and the television nightly news is filled with images of destroyed hospitals and civilians lying dead in the streets, that position has become impossible to defend.

So they have now gone into the stall game. “We need to help Ukraine” they now cry, but then they slow down every procedural vote that might help. The latest is Rick Scott of Florida blocking the nominations of State Department officials whose responsibility would be Eastern Europe (aka Ukraine) because (and I’m not making this up) he wants the Biden administration to crack down on the Cuban government “siphoning the salaries of Cuban doctors working in other countries”.

I have to interject here that doctors are one of the major sources of export income for Cuba. The government trains them for free then sends them throughout Latin America. The portion of their income tithed to the government in effect is a repayment for their free training. And it’s still considerably less than what a US trained doctor has to repay in student loans. Plus I’m sure Rick Scott is still mad those doctors can’t help him with his next Medicare scam.

The far right Idiots have also bought into the Putin excuse of not wanting a NATO country on his border, an excuse which is disputed by simply looking at a map. They’d see there is already a NATO member that borders Russia. Several of them to be exact if you consider Belarus a wholly owned subsidiary of Russia which most rational folks do. But rational and idiot are like oil and water.

No, instead of denouncing Putin and his unholy invasion they denounce trans kids, books about the Holocaust, and doctors who preform abortions. Their compassion for the human race extends only to the front door of their own house and never an inch farther.

This is not the time to be giving the Idiots any airtime or column inches. People’s lives are in danger and the safety of the entire world is at stake. Don’t for a second think everyday this war rages on and on and Putin’s world gets a little bit smaller, the circle of sycophants fewer and fewer, the noose around his neck a bit tighter, the itch to push the button and start WWIII doesn’t look better and better. Tell me American Idiots, will you justify his use of nuclear weapons when he starts dropping them on Kyiv?

Actually you don’t need to answer that. We know you will.

We’ll let the boys from San Leandro sing us out.

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