The Secret Word Is Irksome

I’d like to thank Cassandra for her swell post about GOP misconduct at the KBJ hearings. That means I don’t have to write a full post about those bilious bozos. Instead, I’ll riff about irksome things. I’ll try not to whiff but last night’s tornadic activity rattled my cage and I slept fitfully but unlike Lindsey Graham I promise not to pitch a fit. That’s the premise of the post at least.

I’m irked by the media coverage of the KBJ hearings. Senators Hawley and Blackburn went places no one has ever gone before at a confirmation hearing. The media shrugged and reported their loathsome antics in a typically timid manner. For more on this media malpractice, read Eric Bohlert’s Press Run.

I’m irked that Lindsey Graham is still called a moderate by some pundits even after two immoderate displays during the KBJ hearings. Oy just oy.

I’m irked that the amateur theatrics of the GOP are treated with respect by Chairman Durbin. I hope it’s a tactic to let them bloviate themselves into political oblivion but it’s annoying as hell. In a word: Irksome.

I’m irked that this confirmation hearing has turned into a Kavanaugh Festivus festival. I’m surprised that nobody asked KBJ if she likes beer. We know this guy does:

I’m irked by people who misuse history to make a point. Utah Senator Mike Lee claimed that FDR’s court packing plan damaged SCOTUS for years. It did not. It cost him politically, but FDR appointed four of the greatest justices in history: Black, Douglas, Frankfurter, and Jackson. Robert, not Ketanji although her thinking reminds me of the Other Justice Jackson. High praise indeed.

I’m irked that there’s a second round of questions at the KBJ hearing. Who needs to hear again from the American Gothic guy’s evil twin Chuck Grassley? He once posed with a pitchfork in honor of fellow Iowan Grant Wood:

I’m glad Chuck wields a gavel, not a pitchfork in the senate.

I have the KBJ hearing on in the background. Grassley just said, “forum shopping.” He mumbles so I thought he said, “porn shopping.” I guess he’ll leave that to the Baby-Faced Fascist, Senator Haw-Haw-Hawley.

I’m irked by Tailgunner Ted turning the KBJ hearings into a demented seminar on a kid’s book called Antiracist Baby. KBJ kept her cool unlike Teddy Boy who pitched a fit at an airport last Sunday:

Ted Cruz accosting airline employees today at BZN after missing his flight. Law enforcement had to be called when he wouldn’t calm down from Bozeman

I’ve never posted anything from Reddit before. You read it here…

In other irksome news:

I’m irked by right-wing politicians who provide stock answers to every question. Indiana Senator Mike Braun said that interracial marriage should have been left to the states. Why? Because the states should do everything. So much for Loving vs. Virginia. Braun quickly crawfished but not after making an ass out of himself.

I’m irked by puerile presentists who think that HBO’s The Gilded Age should reflect modern political views. It’s entertainment. Julian Fellowes specializes in costume dramas and does it well. But the Great War battle scenes in Downton Abbey were silly and reminded me of Monty Python’s take on that war.

Not quite that silly, but this mesmerizing GIF was destined to be posted here.

I don’t know how I can top that hypnotic Terry Gilliam image, so I won’t try.

The last word goes to Richard Thompson with a song about naughty books that might interest Tailgunner Ted in between tantrums:


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  1. If people want “modern views” in a so-called historical drama, they can watch “Bridgerton” or one of those other silly dramas on Netflix.

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