Tornadic Activity

Picture stolen from WWL-TV.

A funny thing happened on the way to watching more of the KBJ hearing. Instead of heckling John Neely Kennedy,  I’ve been glued to storm coverage. A serial tornado touched down in several places in the New Orleans metro area. I called it Oklahoma-style tornadic activity. It could be my fault: I’m reading a biography of Richard Rodgers.

The picture above was taken in Arabi in next door St. Bernard Parish, da Parish to locals. Some friends heard the tornado but were not hit. Other friends on the West Bank had close calls. The bathroom selfie was popular on #NOLATwitter.

We’re fine in Uptown New Orleans. It was windy and rainy but we never lost power. Claire Trevor is upset that the birds have all left. She doesn’t believe my assurances that they’ll be back tomorrow. Even my cat is a cynic.

It’s strange that tornadic activity has given me an ear worm but you know how I am. The last word goes to ELO: