All The Way With KBJ

I hate senate hearings. The main reason is senatorial bloviation. I’m watching the Jackson hearing and Lindsey Graham just confirmed my low opinion of senate hearings. He pitched a fit and stomped off to find a camera. I bet he’s on Fox as I write this.

The approach of Republican opponents to KBJ’s nomination is based on specious premises and grievances over past hearings. Graham seems to have forgotten that Justices Bro and Barrett were confirmed by the senate. The goal of any SCOTUS nominee is to survive the hearings and take their place on the high court.

The Baby-Faced Fascist, Josh Hawley, has not taken his whack at KBJ yet but he telegraphed his views first on Twitter then during his opening remarks. He thinks that Judge Jackson is soft on perverts and crime generally.

Hawley is a possible presidential candidate if the Impeached Insult Comedian doesn’t run so this is Hawley’s gambit to pick up the QAnon vote. Everyone who disagrees with them is a pedophile. I disagree with Hawley but just think he’s a moron. Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern deftly dispatch Hawley’s nonsensical argument:

Here we have, I think,  nine cases that Josh Hawley has plucked out. And in each of these nine cases, it is absolutely true that Jackson handed down what the guidelines would consider to be relatively light sentences, at the lower end or below what the guidelines suggests for someone who has been convicted of child pornography—not producing child pornography, but possessing child pornography. Not creating it, or sharing it in really broad networks, but just having it. They got caught possessing child pornography.

What I want to just lift up here is this terrific analysis by Douglas Berman, who is a law professor at Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law. He took a look at these cases, and in a majority of these cases that Josh Hawley is freaking out about where Jackson issued a sensibly light sentences in child pornography cases, it was the prosecutors who advocated for a sentence below the guideline range.

Unfortunately, Josh Hawley and Mike Lee are unlikely to read Slate’s legal eagles. They’d disregard it as liberal propaganda.

If KBJ is “soft on crime” why does the largest police union support her nomination? She has cops in the family, ain’t nothing soft about KBJ.  As Senator Graham would surely say at this point, “that dog don’t hunt.”

As he ages, Graham looks and sounds more and more like Huckleberry Hound:

Btw, I don’t approve of the homophobic nicknames and slurs aimed at Graham. There’s plenty of ammo against him without stooping that low. I know he’s a stooper but I’m not lowering myself to his level. I’m not double-jointed.

The other string in the GOP’s anti-KBJ bow is guilt by association. According to Graham, THE LEFT was out to destroy his fellow South Carolinian, Judge Michelle Childs, and to foist KBJ on an unsuspecting nation. Is that the best you got?

The post title is, of course, inspired by this 1964 campaign slogan:

The hearing will drone on and on all day. All KBJ needs to do is to keep her cool. It’s only okay for white boys to lose their cool during a confirmation hearing.

I’ll keep watching and report tomorrow afternoon.

The last word goes to The Raspberries. I’d like to blow one at senate judiciary committee Republicans.