‘Accountability’ Has Become A Joke

A guy who can get away with shooting someone on Fifth Avenue.

The war in Ukraine has sucked all the oxygen out of the newsroom, which of course makes sense. However, it has also pulled away attention from some news this week that should alarm every American.

Grifter President Donald Trump was the subject of a letter from New York prosecutor Mark Pomerantz, who expressed alarm that District Attorney Alvin Bragg will not pursue criminal charges against Trump.

Then yesterday, the candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama and current U.S. Representative and January 6 lead cheerleader Mo Brooks dropped quite a bombshell when, in response to Trump turning on him and rescinding his endorsement, Brooks revealed that Trump asked him to rescind the election. And pretty long after January 6, apparently.

A large part of the nation, including those in charge, can’t let themselves imagine the most heinous possible actions by our leaders (unless it’s say a progressive) so we enable this stuff to continue. It does raise questions about Alvin Bragg but just wondering that raises calls for the fainting couch and lectures about divisiveness and being a big meanie.

I also suspect that Attorney General Merrick Garland and Bragg are in the same boat. Not saying for sure there’s anything nefarious. It could be woefully misguided trust in Glorious Glory of the Glorious American System * angelic choir * but this is taking us down a dark, dark path.

There is simply no way a man like Trump should be ever allowed to run for president, but he is going to run. I would not bet on January 6 Commission nor anyone else doing the right thing here. More likely, our clueless electorate will vote in a Republican majority and they get squashed, and the response from Garland will be a shrug.

It is difficult to put into words how frustrating all of this is. The current Supreme Court nomination battle has turned into a fiasco about child pornography, which many in the media has reported on as mere political gamesmanship during a nomination hearing. Therefore, if you are not paying much attention, you just hear “Democrats nominated a justice who love pedophiles” and they will run on this later this year.

If we let them play this card without serious pushback, then we’re truly screwed for the future. Yeah, I know, “kitchen table issues”, “when they go low we go high” and all that but we have to understand what it is we’re fighting against. Striking an old-timey boxing pose and declaring “I shall engage you, good friend, in a truly honorable bout of fisticuffs” doesn’t work when your opponent is coming at you with a chain and broken bottle. Good Lord, we have enough right in front of us to counter this! Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Dennis Hastert, Mark Foley, and the origins of this being in QAnon…there’s plenty of ammo.
Being the “good guy” hasn’t worked, and we really have to understand that a lot of Americans don’t pay much attention, which is a huge problem in and of itself because that enables this stuff to take hold.

They do this because they know they won’t be held accountable. Remember how Mueller’s report was sure to be the end of Trump? And for those who want to bring up political accountability, Trump’s current polling average lead on RealClear Politics is +3.7. If your attempt to brush this off is “lol polls” their margin of error in 2020 was 2.9%. So no, they are not being held accountable politically.

Democrats have to get aggressive and figure this out. This is a serious moment. They are using our faith in the American system against us, and the media seems to be obsessed with cancel culture, a moral panic like most moral panics, blown out of proportion and seemingly aimed solely at progressives and not the Republicans who really are “canceling” liberal speech.

If we are more upset as a nation about college students exercising the right to protest than we are people in power abusing that power, we are in a lot of trouble. And that’s not to say those free speech discussions are not valid! It’s just…look around you at what is going on. Do you really want to be remembered as a person who obsessed over how mean @libgal3431 was when he told Ben Shapiro he sucks on Twitter in a time of pandemic, war, and a real threat to democracy not just in America, but globally?

The last word goes to British country artist DeLila Black:


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  1. This all makes me sick to my fucking stomach! Trump and his ilk continue to get away with all kinds of murder, and it’s a goddamn national tragedy. The spinelessness of cowardly bureaucrats like Alvin Bragg and Merrick Garland to do their jobs is beyond comprehension.

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