Friday Catblogging: Meet Perry Mason

We’ve adopted a pesky kid brother for Claire Trevor. Since we’ve already had Della Street and Paul Drake, it’s Perry Mason’s time in the catblogging spotlight.

He came to us as Jack. We had a vigorous renaming debate. I suggested Raymond Burr since he was in Borderline with human Claire Trevor. He was, of course, the villain of the piece so we landed on Perry Mason instead. It works: he’s a talkative boy who is always objecting in his feline way.

We kept Perry and Claire apart for 3 days, then slowly introduced him into the general population. She’s currently coldly disdainful of the new kid but shows signs of warming up to him. Stay tuned.

Here’s a double dose of Perry Mason:


3 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Meet Perry Mason

  1. Perry looks like he knows what he’s about, and those long legs will serve equally well for fast getaways and bunny kicks when the getaway is unsuccessful.

  2. Handsome man, Very direct gaze. Not to be trifled with (H/T Princess Bride) My tiger cat has that carriage.

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