“Make No Mistake, We Did This”

There was a lot of foolish commentary before the 1/6 Committee presented the first episode of its Dipshit Insurrection mini-series thereby validating my dislike of pregame commentary. Here’s how I put it on Twitter:

Most of the critics were wrong: the committee *is* looking at the totality of the circumstances of the failed coup attempt and the name Trump was invoked repeatedly. David Brooks shit the proverbial bed on Thursday morning and declared that the committee had already blown it. Nobody cares what you think, Bobo.

There were other pregame pundits who were baffled by the prominence of the Proud Boys. They too were proven wrong. The chilling quote that I used as a post title came from former Proud Boy honcho Enrique Tarrio, “Make no mistake, we did this.”

The Proud Boys were integral to the coup attempt. They were at the Capitol 90 minutes before Trump started speaking and were in place when the post-harangue mob arrived. The Proud Boys came equipped with battering rams and other weapons, “Make no mistake, we did this.”

Benny Thompson and Liz Cheney are a surprisingly effective team. He handled the poetry of politics, and she handled the prose. Cheney was not a trial lawyer, but her legal training was on display as she laid out the highlights of the case and provided a preview of coming attractions. It was damnably effective to have the daughter of a Republican former White House Chief of Staff, Congressman, Defense Secretary, and Veep take the lead in the hearing. In your face, KMac. Nobody cares what you think either.

The use of previously unseen video clips was also a hit. Who among us didn’t enjoy Bill Barr admitting that the BIG LIE was bullshit and that he told Trump that? The Impeached Insult Comedian knows he’s lying, and his daughter believes Bill Barr not daddy. In a word: sweet.

The previously unseen clips of Dipshit Insurrection day showed the most disciplined, cohesive, and coordinated members of the mob. The storming of the Capitol looked haphazard, but it was planned. The Proud Boys and Oath Keepers were waiting for the dipshits who stayed to hear Trump speak. There was a plan. It failed but there was a plan, “Make no mistake, we did this.”

The 1/6 Committee found its star witness in Capitol police officer Caroline Edwards. She is an impressive woman: tough, thoughtful, and telegenic. Her testimony was riveting. I hereby declare her my latest crush. What a witness, what a broad.

At the start of the post, I described the hearings as an episodic mini-series. That’s how it’s structured. The relative brevity of the first hearing left the audience wanting more. We may live in the era of bingeworthy teevee, but this is an effective strategy.

Repeat after me: Always leave them wanting more.

I’m not a mind reader so I’m not going to hazard a guess as to how many minds the hearings might change. I prefer to watch the hearings unfold and comment on their substance and style. I often criticize mainstream pundits for treating every political event like a sporting event so I’m NOT doing it myself. I will, however, say that the first episode was a triumph; almost as good as The Sopranos pilot. That’s pretty damn good.

Here’s hoping that the Dipshit Insurrection Committee makes Enrique Tarrio eat his words. They backfired on him at his bail hearing. He’s still in jail.

Make no mistake, we did this, my ass.

The last word goes to Keith Richards: