“I Have Seen Where The Wolf Has Slept By The Silver Stream”

I try not to pregame the Dipshit Insurrection hearings, but the surprise hearing made it impossible not to do so yesterday. I was wrong about the details, but I had confidence that the committee would deliver the goods. We’ll see if I was right about that later in the post. [I was right.] I’m back to the stream of consciousness thing.

The post title is NOT a quote from the hearing but the opening line of the song Cassidy by Bob Weir and John Perry Barlow. It’s a tribute to today’s star witness Cassidy Hutchinson Mark Meadows’ wing chick. Casting the wolf was easy.

Hutchinson was not well known prior to the hearing but neither were John Dean, Alexander Butterfield, or the dread Iran-Contra star witness Oliver North. It seems there were threats against the witness sufficient to make committee members return to Washington when they’d rather be campaigning: Elaine Luria and Liz Cheney both have tough reelection races.

We conclude the Adrastos pregame with the obvious song:

Once again, the committee delivered the goods and in a mere two hours. Quality over quantity not only rocks, it rules.

Cassidy Hutchinson is the John Dean of the January 6 hearings. It’s not even close.

Initially, Hutchinson looked nervous and hesitant. She got over that quickly. She and Liz Cheney seemed to have formed a special conservative woman to conservative woman bond, so the witness felt comfortable in her hands.

Hutchinson was poised, direct, and clearly anguished. An inside witness should always appear to be reluctant not gleeful. That was John Dean. It was also Cassidy Hutchinson.

Some are expressing shock that a seemingly low-level staffer could have such access to the Chief of Staff and president. Washington is full of bright young people who kick beyond their coverage as my friend Cait would say. For a brief shining moment, I was one of them but that’s a story for another day.

Hutchinson was like the proverbial fly on the wall. Her boss and mentor Mark Meadows wanted her in every meeting because she was so sharp, articulate, and personable. Hutchinson’s talents will prove to be Mark Meadows’ downfall and they didn’t even cover his role in the Georgia mishigas. Stay tuned.

One of the most startling revelations was that the Impeached Insult Comedian wanted the secret service to stop screening people at his January 6 rally at the Ellipse. Weapons had been confiscated but Trump didn’t care. He was irate that the crowd wasn’t as massive as his ego. He told everyone, “They’re not here to hurt me.”

That statement implies he knew they were there to hurt someone else, and he couldn’t care less. All he cared about was his crowd size. As always, this dickhead confused his audience with his dick. Dick jokes aside, this is evidence of KNOWLEDGE and INTENT.

Then president* Pennywise wanted to join the Trump mob at the Capitol. The secret service wouldn’t hear of it. The Kaiser of Chaos was so enraged that he roughed up his security chief in his vehicle after the speech. Strike roughed up, he assaulted Bobby Engel.

The then toddler-in-chief grabbed the steering wheel. which could have caused a wreck. That’s how Cassidy Hutchinson described the scene before and after the “fight like hell” speech: a car accident she couldn’t stop.

Speaking of toddler tantrums, Trump pitched one in December after Barr told him there was no election fraud. He threw a plate against the wall. Hutchinson tried to wipe ketchup off the wall. It’s the white boy version of the old wise guy trick of throwing a plate of spaghetti Bolognese against the wall.


That was not the only Trump table tantrum testified to by Hutchinson: he was known to flip tablecloths thereby dumping the plates, glasses, utensils, and food. No wonder he had New Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice on The Apprentice:

So, that’s what they had in common.

I didn’t think I could have a lower opinion of the Impeached Insult Comedian, but Hutchinson’s testimony established the bona fides of his awfulness. In a word she used several times in her testimony the former president* is DISGUSTING.

Cassidy Hutchinson heard more about the coup plot than a junior aide should have because she’s an attractive young woman. It sounds as if Rudy showed her some coup plot leg in a demented and drunken form of flirting. GROSS.

From his exile at Mar-a-Doorn, the Kaiser of Chaos has issued his stock denial. He claims that he hardly knew her even though her office was a 5-10 second walk from the Oval. That’s seconds, not minutes. Her testimony goes a long way toward proving Trump’s KNOWLEDGE and INTENT. It’s likely to cause another KETCHUP KABOOM in Florida.

I expect the viler Trumpers will use typical right-wing slurs against Hutchinson. They love a good sex slur and will likely accuse her of fucking her way to the top. Fuck them and the seditious horse they rode in on.

Cassidy Hutchinson is a dream witness who may well turn out to be Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. She was that good. If you missed the two-hour hearing watch it online or check out the MSNBC recap with Rachel, Laurence, and the gang.

Repeat after me: Cassidy Hutchinson is the John Dean of the January 6 hearings.

The last word goes to the Grateful Dead with a live version of Cassidy:


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  1. Can’t pass that headline up, though I can tell by the way he slept he ain’t back.

    I think we should take it with a grain of salt, not let the pretty white girl distract …

  2. Cassidy Hutchinson’s judgment in having worked for such slimeball morons as Cruz, Scalise, and my village’s idiot, Mark Meadows, is suspect. But she abandoned her Trump-supplied counsel to obtain her own. And when her moment in the spotlight came, she didn’t stutter and she didn’t flinch. Big damn hero.

      1. I think he’s in Twitter jail. He was banned from FB for awhile too.

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