Ryne Hancock: Hurt People Hurt People

Separated by six years, my godsister Raffeney was probably the closest I had to an actual younger sibling as a child.

No disrespect to my brother Darrion, who I didn’t know existed until he was two years old and more importantly, didn’t spend time regularly with until my grandmother died, but I spent more time around Raffeney growing up due in part to my mom dating her dad off and on throughout my childhood.

However, once my godsister turned 12, my mom all of a sudden disliked Raffeney for some reason. Never once did I see Raffeney act disrespectful towards my mom or anything of the sort.

My mom just disliked her.

Years later, I explained to my mom that the reason why she hated Raffeney was because she never got over the death of my grandmother. That her having a son denied her of a chance to have the same mother-daughter relationship she had with my grandmother.

So, in other words, her unchecked trauma allowed her to emote toxic emotions or whatever you want to call it, towards my godsister.

The other day, my best friend Steph showed me a video done by a creative known as 2RawTooReal on Twitter. 2RawTooReal, who I got know in the wake of the presidential election two years ago and also a one-time guest on the podcast.

In the video, 2RawTooReal had a wild theory about why Clarence Thomas went so hard in the paint for the overturning of Roe v. Wade. To him, his theory was centered around the fact that his second wife Ginni couldn’t have children of her own.

Therefore, instead of turning a negative into a positive, she decided to do the opposite, this time using her husband’s influence as Supreme Court Justice to hurt women in so many words.

The same could be said about Bernie Sanders and his ilk as well. Because he got beat by a woman, he couldn’t bring himself to drop out of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary when it became clear  that he couldn’t win the nomination, so he lukewarmly decided to give a speech at the 2016 DNC convention and in turn, have some of his supporters throw temper tantrums online as well as on Election Day by writing in Bernie’s name or voting third-party.

They didn’t realize that their bitterness in so many words, hurt others.

“How dare a woman beat Bernie!” they shouted from the basement of their mom’s house, “It’s time for a revolution! I’m staying home and sipping my soy latte!”

We also saw this same amount of hurt from Trump. Because he got bitch-slapped in 2011 by Obama, he decided to take his hurt and run for president, because it pained him to see a Black man with all that power.

“Oh, he did all of this?” Trump probably asked someone in regard to Obama on his first day in office, “Undo this fucking shit.”

The amount of hurt that both the alt-left and the alt-right caused six years ago led us to what happened on last Friday.

Sure, it’s very easy and lazy to pin this on Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and for some odd reason, Supreme Court Justice Jackson. It’s very easy to do that because some people (read: white leftists who smell like spoiled tuna) won’t admit that they got it wrong six years ago.

As I wrote in May, I hope your protest vote six years was worth it.

I really hope it was.