“I Can Tell By The Mark He Left, You Were In His Dream”

I feel the need to follow up on yesterday’s instant analysis of the KETCHUP KABOOM hearing. Consider this an instant analysis of my instant analysis. Confused? It can’t be more confusing than listening to Rudy Giuliani.

The post title is the second line of the Weir-Barlow song Cassidy. This post is mostly about the Trump wolf and what happens to him after yesterday. Hint: It will be nothing good even if a jumpsuit isn’t involved. His chances for a successful third run for the White House declined dramatically after Cassidy-palooza.

There’s another Grateful Dead song that comes to mind. This one is by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter, Dire Wolf. The song’s narrator begs for mercy from a murderous wolf, “Please don’t murder me.”

Donald Trump should be begging for mercy, but defiance is his jam. He’ll continue to bring the crazy. His presidency* marked and stained the nation for eternity. I thought it was impossible for a president to be more corrupt than Richard Nixon, nastier than Andrew Jackson, or more incompetent than James Buchanan. But the Impeached Insult Comedian hit the malakatude trifecta,

I didn’t spend much time writing about the notion of the Kaiser of Chaos going to the Capitol to join his fellow dipshits as they insurrected. It’s unclear what he planned to do. Was he planning to enter the building to confront Pence or merely bloviate outside? I find myself visualizing him making like Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments:

It’s a damn good thing that the Secret Service prevented this act of bravado. It could have been so much worse if he’d been there to further incite the crowd.

That brings me to the attempt to discredit Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony about Trump manhandling his security detail. She made it clear that she was relating a story told to her by another aide. If they want to attack her credibility, they should testify under oath. I doubt that either Tony Ornato or Bobby Engel is willing to do so. They’re both sycophants who have lied for their big boss man in the past.

Hit it, Pigpen:

I think the odds of former President* Pennywise being prosecuted for seditious conspiracy exploded yesterday but caution is still in order. I believe Hutchinson’s testimony, but it needs to be corroborated before it’s a kill shot. Remember the Omar Little Rule:

Along the same lines, people need to stop personalizing everything. The whole what “will Merrick Garland do?” shtick misunderstands the workings of DOJ. Now that Gamalian normalcy has been restored, the AG’s subordinates will handle the investigation, brief the AG, and ask him to sign off on the end product of their inquiry. He won’t be in the trenches with them. This is real life, not the movies.

I’m irked by one reaction to Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony. The whole “she should have spoken out earlier” thing. I said the same thing in my review of the Dipshit Insurrection book This Will Not Pass. In that instance, Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns work for the NYT and have its institutional support against the crazies.

If Hutchinson had come forward last year, she would have been on her own and it would have been a one-day story. She now has the institutional support of the January 6 committee and Liz Cheney in her corner. Cheney is Cassidy’s very own wolf and she’s out for blood.

Finally, I didn’t instant analyze the witness tampering bombshell dropped by Liz the She-Wolf at the end of the hearing. It’s another example of mob-like behavior by Team Trump. Many Godfather and Sopranos references were trotted out. Been there, done that. The story told yesterday by Cassidy Hutchinson is like something out of an Elmore Leonard novel.

The last word goes to Los Lobos. It poses a question that I hope is answered in the negative in this instance: