The Room Where It Happened


Cassidy Hutchinson testifies

I ride in a lot of buses.

Sometimes I’m giving a tour (narrating as we say in the biz), sometimes I’m just there to make sure the group gets to where it’s supposed to go, usually a dinner or a reception. Those, as you might have guessed, are usually in the evening.

In those instances most of the time it’s dark. And the bus is filled with executives who have consumed perhaps a bit more than they should have. And their tongues get looser. And most importantly…

They forget I’m on the bus.

The things I have heard.

Some of them were comments that would have made a man of lesser ethical standing run straight to his broker with a buy or sell order in hand.

Others had me thinking “Really? Him? Her? Them? How does that work?”.

Pre-2016 I heard a lot of comments to the effect of “once we get that ni**er out of the White House…”. Post 2016 there was a lot of “Trump’s gonna kick some ass!”

The point is I heard all of it, the humorous as well as the vile. Anyone who has been in that position would be able to tell you the same. We have all been in the room (bus) where it happens, completely ignored by those making it happen or just like a Bond villain, laying out their entire plot to show off their brilliance.

And if you haven’t figured out by now why I’m bringing this up you just haven’t been following the news this week.

Cassidy Hutchinson, top aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, spilled all she knew about what she heard and saw in the days leading up to and including January 6th 2021.

First off, my experience tells me she’s telling the truth. I mean I can remember hearing a not quite Fortune 500 CEO talk about wanting Obama out of the White House (not in those exact words) and that was six years ago. That she remembers what the President of the United States said and did a little over a year ago isn’t surprising.

I know there is a lot of sturm und drang about her recounting the story of the “Definitely Not Beauty and The Beast”, but keep in mind she wasn’t saying it happened, only that the story was related to her by others. I have to admit I have a hard time imagining a corpulent putz like Trump  even being able to get out of his seat to emerge from the vehicle, let alone have a tussle with well trained, totally in shape Secret Service agents.

But if you’re going to base a rejection of her testimony on that, then I will repeat: she didn’t say she saw it, only that the story was told to her in the immediate aftermath.

Meanwhile no one is disputing her saying that Trump knew his supporters were armed.

No one is disputing her saying that Trump told the Secret Service to stop searching people wanting to come into the rally.

No one disputes her saying that Trump told them

“I don’t f—ing care that they have weapons (SNIP) They’re not here to hurt me. Take the f—ing mags away.”

By the way, is that not the most Trump line ever? They can go ahead and hurt anyone else, as long as I’m not it’s all good. Pretty much sums up his whole life.

No one is disputing that her boss Mark Meadows said to White House attorney Pat Cipollone about the chants to hang Mike Pence

You heard him [Trump], Pat. He thinks Mike deserves it. He doesn’t think they’re doing anything wrong.”

No one is disputing there was a Rat Pack of co-conspirators who were all lining up, begging for presidential pardons.

Hell, no one is even disputing the now infamous ketchup incident. If the Heinz ad agency hasn’t mocked up an ad with a smear of ketchup on a white wall they just aren’t doing their job.

Again, by the way, those dishes were not Trump’s own. They were White House dishes, aka, government property. Isn’t that willful destruction of government property? You know, kinda like the Federal Building in downtown Portland. And on that same note, if “Definitely Not Beauty and The Beast” turns out to be true, isn’t he guilty of assaulting a federal agent?

The bottom line is she was in the room. She saw what was happening. She heard the plotting and the planning. Should she have come out immediately and related what she saw? Yes she should have. She didn’t because (in my opinion) she was still under the Trump influence, that fear based loyalty that has kept many others from telling the truth about what they saw. Nevertheless she’s been talking to the committee for the past six months, it’s not a matter that she suddenly got religion and showed up at their door last Monday.

And also, just like me in the bus, she had to think long and hard about whether or not to let the world know what she saw. If I have a hard time relating a story that can be told without naming the exact names, I can’t imagine the agony she was going through to tell the story of the President of the United States committing treason.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, she heard the chimes at midnight. She realized time was passing, fortunes fading, an era ending. And thus it was time to speak.

We’ll go out with the wife’s (Cruella) favorite song from HAMILTON. Actually it’s the only song she liked. We disagreed on the show. It happens. I never like DOWNTON ABBEY.

Shapiro Out