Hey Baby, It’s The Fourth Of July

Two Flags by Jasper Johns.

There’s a lively debate going on as to whether or not we should celebrate Independence Day this year. I understand the angst about the current state of the nation. We all hoped that we’d return to normal after the Trumpist disaster and all the demons it let loose. That hasn’t happened.

For those of us who like the holiday, ignoring it in 2022 strikes me as surrendering to the assholes. I’m not inclined to do so. I refuse to let Sam Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Donald Trump ruin my day.

Charlie Pierce captured my feelings at the end of last week. The bluff he refers to below is the Declaration of Independence:

“All the best parts of this country’s history came about from people with the guts to call that enormous bluff, and they should be the people we celebrate every Independence Day. The list is far too long for our purposes here, but there’s no question that, on this weekend every year, we should revere Susan B. Anthony, and Harvey Milk, and Russell Means, and John Lewis far more than we do Edward Rutledge, Joseph Hewes, or Button Freaking Gwinnett. Those people risked their lives and their freedom in the job of helping Thomas Jefferson not look like a ridiculous hypocrite in history. He owes them big time.”

Until reading Pierce’s post, I had forgotten that The Declaration had been set to music and recorded by the 5th Dimension in 1970:

I’m not sure how I forgot to remember that since I’ve long cooed over lead singer Marilyn McCoo.

Like 2022, 1970 was a tough year in the history of the Republic but we endured.

Next year, I’ll put The Declaration in the body of the post. I’m not letting the bastards ruin my day. They’ve already diminished my pleasure in Twelfth Night. I’ll let that go next year as well.

We return to our regularly scheduled programming:

It’s time for my annual Independence Day post. I don’t like fireworks, so all I’ve got for you is some American music. Put your hands together for Dave Alvin, Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen, Aimee Mann, and The Blasters.

Happy Birthday ‘Merica.