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I’ve been feeling discouraged by the state of the world for the last few weeks. I got all excited when I saw the Amazon van stop at the house yesterday, but then I remembered the delivery contained…a new-to-me brand of N95 masks that are supposed to be more breathable. The new Covid variants suck.

I have been trying to keep my spirits up by completing a bunch of undone tasks around the house and with my way-behind-schedule gardening out on the deck. I’ve been trying to cook some really tasty food, and of course spending time with my husband and the kitties. The thing that has been making me happy are the 1/6 Commission’s televised hearings. Our Fearless Leader wrote about yesterday’s hearing and I have a few things to talk about, too.

I retain some hope that the Department of Justice will end up doing something in the end, but mostly I’m happy to see confirmation of things I was right about. Back in 2016 I kept bringing up the weird fact that TFG’s campaign followed a lot of white supremacists on Twitter. There were a few stories about it from independent or small market media, but that was it.

Kellyanne Conway sent Valentine’s Day love to a white supremacist on Twitter, but that didn’t get a lot of attention despite all the white supremacist stuff the campaign had featured the previous summer. Then came Charlottesville, and it was too late. Kellyanne ran away before TFG left office, but she’d already done a lot to harm this country. Lock her up.

Mostly I am happy that the 1/6 Committee is naming names. On Tuesday we got a lot of names. Some we already knew were involved because their actions were public:  Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and Michael Flynn. Others were people whose involvement has only recently come to light, such as, in the words of Pat Cipollone:  “the Overstock guy”. By the way, did you know he shows up as a donor to a political campaign Maria Buttina ran in Russia? Yep. Also, and by the way:  lock all of them up.

I was really happy when the names of all of the seditious Republican House members were entered into the public record as they met to discuss how to bully Mike Pence into complying with their dipshit insurrection.

Some of them are familiar to those of us who have been following this for the last 18-24 months:  Andy Biggs, Matt Gaetz, Louis Gohmert, Paul Gosar, Andy Harris, Jody Hice, and Jim Jordan. Scott Perry became known after he told the press that he never asked for a pardon, and then was outed as another dumb liar when that was quickly disproven. Someone please lock these losers up.

Brian Babin of Texas was a new name to me, so I looked him up but I couldn’t find much beyond his spreading The Big Lie and voting against certifying the election. But if he needed to be included in The Pardon Posse, by all means lock him up.

The thing that I found alarming because of how very crazy she still is all the time, is the inclusion of Marjorie Taylor Greene even though she had not yet been sworn in. I have a lot of questions about how she got involved, who she knew, and most importantly what she did to get on TFG’s radar, and what kind of cheating was involved in her campaign. But even with those questions, it’s OK to move forward to lock her up.

The most important person who has to face consequences is of course TFG. If he isn’t held accountable then we are all screwed because he will do this again, and next time if he loses he won’t make as many mistakes. And what Republicans don’t realize is that if a different Republican is elected in 2024, he’ll still lead another insurrection in 2025. I really really hope they come to realize this before it’s too late.

Otherwise, Aimee can tell them what they’ve won:

3 thoughts on “Lock Them Up

  1. “I retain some hope that the Department of Justice will end up doing something in the end, but mostly I’m happy to see confirmation of things I was right about.”

    The DOJ’s actions are mystifying. They knew about so many things from the start before anyone else even heard rumors of wrongdoing. The J6 Committee has shown us direct evidence in their hearings about how former President Trump tried to get the top officials at the DOJ to intervene, repeatedly pushing the different Attorney Generals to commit various frauds to that end.

    Yet the DOJ is seemingly only somewhat reacting to revelations from the J6 Committee (such as serving a warrant on Jeffrey Clark just before the J6 Committee featured his actions in their hearings). Many of the revelations about D. Trump’s actions sound like easy pickings for charges regarding attempted criminal conspiracy (“‘Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican Congressmen'”) — these actions were not made to shadowy minions and henchmen (hench-people?) but to the people in the DOJ itself.

    Various White House attorneys have been presented by the J6 Committee testifying they told their clients they would be charged with all kinds of crimes if they continued down the wrong roads — some of those they did take. So why the hesitancy from the DOJ to pursue what they already know?

    1. those are good questions and they are the same ones I have. what I like about the hearings is that we are getting all the evidence, in public, right now. if people were charged first, we’d have to wait to the trails to see the evidence. i’m hoping there are a bunch of indictments at the end of next week.

  2. I think I personally called bullshit on trumpistas by wearing a mask at the gym while I lift weights and do aerobics 6 hours a week for the last six months and not only being able to breath but becoming fit while wearing a mask.

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