“A Stain On Our History”

I typically try and post pictures of an important moment in my J6 Committee hearing posts. I decided to be petty and post pictures of Josh Hawley riling up the mob then running away from the consequences of his incitement. There was audible laughter in the hearing room. Josh Hawley is now a laughingstock. Let’s hope the voters will remember his false bravado and craven cowardice.

False bravado and craven cowardice also describe Donald Trump’s conduct on January 6-7, 2021. Adam Kinzinger called it a “stain on our history.” Elaine Luria called it a “dereliction of duty.” They’re both right and they did a bang-up job leading the hearing.

Lawyers love timelines even lapsed ones like me. The committee has done a masterful job assembling a coherent and convincing timeline of what happened at the White House on the day of the Dipshit Insurrection and the day after.

The committee established that Trump did more than just sit there watching teevee during the now infamous 187-minute gap. He made calls, cheered on the rioters, refused to denounce the violence, and continued plotting with Rudy Giuliani and various senators including the running man: Josh Hawley.

Instead of condemning the violence, Trump whipped up the fervor against his own Vice President with this tweet at 2:24 PM.

No wonder they wanted to “hang Mike Pence.” We learned that the Veep’s Secret Service detail was terrified of being killed by the mob. It might be nice to have access to those deleted text messages to flesh out that part of the story.

Trump only deigned to make his nauseating “go home” statement after it was clear that the coup had failed. Isn’t that special?

The evening was loaded with drama, new revelations, and passionate oratory. I missed the avuncular presence of Bennie Thompson, but he zoomed in at the beginning and end of the hearing. It was Kinzinger and Luria’s day to shine and shine they did.

The “dereliction of duty” theme was particularly effective coming from two veterans. They were able to credibly castigate the Impeached Insult Comedian for the feckless and selfish piece of shit that he is. That four-flusher deserves to be flushed.

The live witnesses were good, not sensational like Cassidy Hutchinson, but Matthew Pottinger’s praise of Al Gore’s concession speech pleased me. It was painful but Gore did the right thing as did Tricky Dick in 1960 thereby proving once again that Donald Trump is worse than Nixon.

The footage of then President* Pennywise on the day after was devastating. His staff had to drag him kicking and screaming to make a statement about the insurrection of which he was dipshit-in-chief. He was pouty and petulant. He could not bring himself to admit that the election was over. He was so frustrated that he pounded the podium in pouty and petulant rage.

The closing statements by Luria and Kinzinger were passionate and deeply moving. The latter has spent the last two years getting his ass kicked by the right-wing media, the Kaiser of Chaos, and even Trumpers in his own family. He’s tired of being kicked around and did some ass kicking of his own. Holy righteous indignation, Batman. One could even say that Adam zinged his kin…

I’m thrilled that the committee plans more hearings in September. More and more Trumper rats are fleeing the sinking ship and providing evidence to the committee. The hearings are having an impact even on Republican voters. Best of all, they’re enraging the Impeached Insult Comedian. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

The hour is late and I’m running out of steam. I hope this instant analysis was coherent. It was certainly fast and furious as well as quick and dirty.

I *may* have more to say about this remarkable prime time hearing in the morning. My esteemed colleague from California has yielded the floor to me tomorrow morning and will publish at 1PM. Thanks, Shapiro.

Repeat after me: Josh Hawley and Donald Trump are pussies. They should grab themselves.

Let’s close on a positive note. The last word goes to Neil Young:

Friday Catblogging will return next week.

Update:  I decided to sleep in instead of following up. Grinding this post out in 70 minutes got me pumped up.

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  1. You’re welcome. And yes, Josh Hawley and Donald Trump are pussies. They should grab themselves.

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