Like A MAGA Cowboy

Like a MAGA cowboyRiding out on a horse in the Insurrection rodeoLike a MAGA cowboyGetting charged with crimes by people I don’t even knowLike a MAGA cowboy

Let’s begin by apologizing to Larry Weiss for bastardizing his lyrics. Sometimes I cannot help myself.

I realize that Insurrection rodeo doesn’t quite scan, but Like A MAGA Cowboy is a rootin’ tootin’ title worthy of a singing cowboy. Come on down, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and Tex Ritter. Boy howdy, yeah boy, yeehaw.

Enough folksiness. I sound like a cross between Gabby Hayes and Andy Devine. Not a good look.

This began life as a malaka of the week post but Like A Maga Cowboy was too good to pass up. Titles are my jam.

History was made in New Mexico this week:

It’s official: A political official has been kicked out of office for getting involved in the January 6th insurrection A New Mexico judge on Tuesday ordered Couy Griffin, an Otero County Commissioner, to be removed from his elected office for participating in the attack.


The ruling is a first since the Jan. 6 attack: Judge Francis J. Mathew ruled that Griffin violated Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, the Disqualification Clause, which prohibits anyone who “hold[s] any office, civil or military, under the United States” from engaging in “insurrection or rebellion” against the country. The judge’s decision marks the first time since 1869 that a public official has been ousted under the clause.


Couy Griffin is an avid supporter of former President Donald Trump and founder of the group “Cowboys for Trump.” He was elected as a commissioner of Otero County, New Mexico, in 2018, and has since become the target of multiple attempts to remove him from office.

As the TPM story indicates this is the first time since Reconstruction that someone has been ousted from office via the Disqualification Clause. I told you history was made in New Mexico, but don’t spike the ball: a blanket amnesty was given to ex-Confederate soldiers in 1872. That’s the part that gives aid and comfort to Dipshit Insurrectionists far and wide. They’re hoping for the same sort of blankie should Trump ooze back into office.

Attempts to unsaddle Madison Cawthorn and The QAnon Lady via the Disqualification Clause failed because they didn’t storm the capitol with the other dipshits. They were offstage dipshits. Cawthorn lost his primary and MTG is still with us for the time being. Ugh, just, ugh.

Couy Griffin was sentenced to nine months in the slammer for his participation on January 6. That’s why he was unceremoniously unsaddled from office.

Before we get too deep in the weeds, a musical interlude:

Things are getting weirder and weirder: the opening line of the song mentions the “town of Griffin.” Does Couy Griffin know this, or would he reject it because Johnny Cash was a liberal? MAGA cowboys are funny that way.

While we’re on the subject of names: What the hell kind of first name is Couy?

It turns out to be a surname of Irish origin:

The name Couy originally descends from Cobthach Fionn, a quo O Cobhthaigh, where “cobthach” means “victorious” and “fionn” means “fair,” combined to mean “the fairhaired victor.

The fairhaired victor? Not in this case. He’s a cowboy-hatted loser.

There’s even a Couy family crest complete with a motto:

The family motto non providentia sed victoria translates as “not caution but conquest.”

The MAGA Cowboy was not cautious, but the conquest thing didn’t work out that well.

I’m hoping that the Disqualification Clause will unsaddle other dipshit insurrections not just fair-haired loser Couy. Stay tuned.

Remember where we began?

Like a MAGA cowboyRiding out on a horse in the Insurrection rodeoLike a MAGA cowboyGetting charged with crimes by people I don’t even knowLike a MAGA cowboy

The last word goes to Glen Campbell followed by Bruce Springsteen; all you gotta do is substitute MAGA for rhinestone and Bob’s your uncle. I still don’t know who Bob is, but I know more than anyone needs to know about Couy Griffin’s name.

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  1. Good for the judge. The scary part is his constituents reelected Griffin (a fact he emphasized), the irony of which the judge pointed out.

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