Malaka Of The Week: Jeff Landry

The nitwit with the sign is Jeff Landry. It happened at President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union speech. It set the tone for the remainder of his career as a media whore nearly as thirsty as Lindsey Graham.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve never said this before: And that is why Jeff Landry is malaka of the week.

Name every wrong-headed and backward cause of the last 15 years and Jeff Landry was involved. First as a congressman then Gret Stet Attorney General.

He wants to be governor, so he spends his time intervening in wingnutty litigation on the taxpayer’s dime. That means he’s well acquainted with the Trump rump…

I’ll let one of my OG NOLA blogger friends set the stage for Landry’s latest outrage:

Ringo has the answer to those questions:

The stolen documents case is both baseless and doomed. Malaka Jeff doesn’t care as long as he sucks up to the Impeached Insult Comedian and panders to the Trump base. I have no idea why this mook thinks he needs to show off his right wing bona fides when he was a Trumper before the advent of Trumpism.

Another recent Landry gambit was an attempt to punish New Orleans for being a blue and pro-choice city. When the City Council vowed to NOT enforce the Gret Stet’s horrendous abortion laws, Landry moved to cut off funding for a much-needed public works project. Earlier this week, the cut off attempt was cut off but it caused major delays and headaches. The mere thought of Jeff Landry gives me a headache.

Hit it, Liz:

Malaka Jeff spends most of his time owning the libs. It’s why I’m not going into the gruesome details of his antics. Most of the trolling goes nowhere but it gives him a feeling of accomplishment or some such shit.

In addition to being an asshole and malaka, Jeff Landry is a dumb son-of-a-bitch and a shitty lawyer. It reminds me of something Earl Long said about Jack Gremillion who was Gret Stet AG from 1956 to 1972:

Uncle Earl was a master of sound bites before they were called that.

Back to Malaka Jeff who is so dumb that he doesn’t know how stupid he is.

Many people I know are convinced Landry will be Louisiana’s next Governor. It’s a possibility but he has an easy road to reelection and seems averse to any sort of work that would benefit the public. Like his hero, Donald Trump, Malaka Jeff is lazy. Being Governor is hard work as is running for the office.

For those who are convinced Landry will be the next Governor, a reminder that in 2015, David Vitter was regarded as a shoo-in. I mocked John Bel Edwards’ chances and called him Gomer. I was wrong. Anything can happen.

Unlike former Governor Bobby Jindal, Landry doesn’t have presidential ambitions. He’s content to damage our state, not the entire country. I guess that makes him less bad than PBJ who was dangerous, not dumb. Jeff Landry is both. And that is why Jeff Landry is malaka of the week.

The last word goes to Elvis Costello: